The Whispering Cave is a very small one-level dungeon in Act I of Torchlight II, located in the Watchweald Approach area of the Frosted Hills.

It is only visible once The Zeraphi Envoy quest has been completed and The Lost Key quest started. It contains only Netherim, with a Nethermancer champion, a Golden Chest, and the Golden Gear.


Species Name El. Abilities
Netherim Netherling Larva Icon enemyPoison Evolves Into Netherling
Netherling Icon enemyElectric Drains Mana
Nether-Thrall Icon enemyPoison
Nether-Thrall Lasher* Icon enemyPoison Long-Range Lash Attack

 * does not always appear


  • (Nethermancer) Icon enemyPoison Shadow Bolt, Calls Netherling Larva From Fallen Cultists
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