Wellspring Temple is one of the dungeons found in Torchlight II. Wellspring Temple has 3 floors and is found in the Wellspring Approach in Temple Steppes. General Grell is fought on the last level, in the Water Guardian Palace.

On floor 1 there may be a puzzle. You have to switch the Levers so that you can access all the inaccessible areas with gold and Chests. It is not too hard, since on the floor near the Levers you can watch how switching them affects the blocks in the main room. A secret room has also been found on floor 1 by breaking the correct Urn.

On floor 2 there is usually a secret room, opened by breaking the correct Urn to create the vine bridge (see gallery).



Species Name El. Abilities
Sturmbeorn Possessed One Icon enemyPhysical Possessed By Shade, Spirit Blast
Shieldbearer Icon enemyPhysical Shield Bash Attack, Shield Can Be Shattered
Deathflinger Icon enemyPhysical Hurls Spears
Felwalker* Icon enemyPoison Undead
Felwalker Axethrower* Icon enemyPoison Undead, Hurls Axes
Runecaller* Icon enemyPoison Raises Undead, Casts Corrupted Souls
Animal Warbeast Icon enemyPhysical  
Armored Warbeast Icon enemyPhysical  
Ghost Estherian Shade Icon enemyElectric Summons Shadewisps, Teleports
Estherian Shadewisp Icon enemyFire Fires Rebounding Energy Projectiles
Ratlin Ratlin Marauder* Icon enemyPhysical Flees When Allies Perish

 * does not always appear


  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Flurry Attack (Teleporting)
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyElectric Flurry Attack (Noxious)
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Flurry Attack (Haunted)
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Flurry Attack (Swift)
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Flurry Attack (Shocking)
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Casts Fire Spells


General Grell Icon enemyPhysical Sturmbeorn General, Explosive and Quake Attacks

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