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The Watchweald Temple is the final dungeon in Act I of Torchlight II. It has three floors, which are infested with Netherim and Infected Estherians, many champions. The third floor is the domain of Act I's final boss, the Grand Regent.

On one of the two upper floors is a secret area accessed by triggering a vine bridge by destroying a special Urn.



Species Name El. Abilities
Netherim Netherling Larva Poison Evolves into Netherling
Netherling Lightning Drains Mana
Pustule Poison Hatches Netherling Larvae
Netherim Slasher Lightning Slash Attack
Netherim Spinethrower Lightning Slash Attack, Hurls Glaives
Infected Estherian Nether-Thrall Poison  
Nether-Thrall Lasher Poison Long-Range Lash Attack
Netherim Nemesis Poison Smash Attack
Nether Plaguebearer Poison Hurls Exploding Disease Nodes
Nethermancer Poison Shadow Bolt, Calls Netherim Slugs From Fallen Cultists
Ghost Estherian Shadewisp Fire Fires Rebounding Energy Projectiles


  • (Netherim Spinethrower) Lightning Slash Attack, Hurls Glaives (Dividing)
  • (Netherim Nemesis) Poison Champion Netherim, Smash Attack (Teleporting)
  • (Netherim Nemesis) Poison Champion Netherim, Smash Attack (Haunted)
  • (Netherim Nemesis) Poison Champion Netherim, Smash Attack (Explosive)
  • (Netherim Spinethrower) Lightning Slash Attack, Slash Attack, Hurls Glaives (Teleporting)


Grand Regent Eldrayn Physical

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