Warn the Estherians is the second main quest, in Act I. It is assigned by Destroyer in Echo Pass. Travel to Estherian Enclave and talk to the Grand Regent.

Previous quest: Welcome to Torchlight II!
Next quest: Protect the Guardian!

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

I think this is as far as I can go. You should carry on to the Estherian Enclave, but you're on your own.

Warn them that the Alchemist destroyed Torchlight, and is headed their way. He may be there already...

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Gold: 280     XP: 1400     Fame: 0     Item: Yes

Followup Text[edit | edit source]

The Alchemist will be headed this way. And if he passes through here, we'll be waiting for him!

Someone needs to warn the Estherians. Head up the pass to their Enclave. Find my old friend, Commander Vale, and let her know what happened.

Quest Display[edit | edit source]

Go through Echo Pass to the Enclave and warn the Estherians about the Alchemist.

The story so far...
Having trekked with the wounded Destroyer to Echo Pass to warn the Estherians of the Alchemist's approach, you are now on your own. The Destroyer was too badly wounded in his battle with the Alchemist to go on ... and, you suspect, he wanted to mourn the death of his old friend and mentor, Syl.

Completed Text[edit | edit source]

I thank you for your warning, but it has arrived too late. This "Alchemist" has already come and gone, and it was all I could do to prevent him from entering the Enclave. As it was, many Estherians were injured, and, since the confrontation, several more have become ill. We are not sure what is causing it.

After his assault failed here, the Alchemist carried on southward, toward the Temple Steppes. Commander Vale and her Vanquishers arrived a short while later, and pursued him, hoping to prevent further damage.

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