Vyrax's Tower is a location in Rivenskull Gorge.

Quest Giver: Cam (Sprocket's Cousin) Quest: Heartfire

To enable this quest, you must complete the side quest in Imperial Camp given by Sprocket. The dungeon: The Forgotten Halls is correlated with the primary quest line for Act 3. To get into Vyrax's tower, you must first find the entrance to the Emberworks and speak to the Robot Eye to get the quest to enter the Forgotten Halls. Once inside, you must defeat Thiss to get the key to Vyrax's Tower.

  • This area contains virtually the same secret room mechanisms as the Wyvern Strongholds. Pressure plates, piles of rocks, and levers all activate secret rooms. They can be found on any floor. 
  • The dungeon layout is fixed, not randomly generated. There are four normal floors - the 1st and 3rd floors each have a "treasure wing" off the main path to the stairs, while the 2nd and 4th floors are generally linear. The 5th floor is the roof, where the fight with Vyrax takes place.
  • The tower is mostly populated by Varkolyn and Undead, with a few Gargoyles and an occasional Werewolf elite. Enemies will often break in through stained glass windows, pop out of fireplaces, or climb up onto platforms or bridges from the sides. Beware of ambush!
  • Completing Vyrax's Tower will reset the Forgotten Halls, and completing the Forgotten Halls resets Vyrax's Tower.
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