The large map of Vilderan. (As revealed on a Torchlight II Steam trading card.)

Vilderan is a continent in the world of Torchlight and the setting of both the mining town of Torchlight and Torchlight II.

Vilderan is the "cradle of civilization" for the Torchlight world, and home to the oldest races: the dwarves, the Estherians, the Zeraphi and the Ezrohir. However, humans from the Empire consider this continent to be the "new world" or the "frontier," and they have just begun to explore and colonize it.[1]

Known locations within Vilderan include:

  • Torchlight (town), a mining boomtown that was the setting of the first game.
  • The Estherian Steppes, a mountainous region featuring the Estherian Enclave. This is the setting of Act I of Torchlight II.
  • The Mana Wastes, a desert which is home to the Zeraphi city Zeryphesh and their enemies the Ezrohir.[1] This is the setting of Act II of Torchlight II.
  • Grunnheim, a "haunted forest" area that contains the ruins of an ancient dwarven civilization. This is the setting of Act III of Torchlight II.

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