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Vasman is an Ember scholar and questgiver in Torchlight. He is found on the eastern side of the town and gives a series of quests to find a special piece of Ember on various floors of the main dungeon. For most of these quests, he offers the reward of a Mysterious Map that opens a portal to a specially-constructed challenge level.

After they have been completed, Vasman tasks you to find Embers in the Shadow Vault, either for himself, or for his colleagues.


The Ember for each quest appears on the ground on a specific dungeon floor, although the quest description does not specify on which floor the item appears.

Quest name Item Floor
The Gleaming Ember Gleaming Ember 1
Ember of Another Color Deathlace Ember 5
The Shimmering Deeps Shimmering Ember 12
Primal Caverns Primal Ember 18
The Savage Prison Savage Ember 23
The Strength of Ember Adamant Ember 28
Deepest Ember Sanguine Ember 33


Vasman's first quest for The Gleaming Ember always rewards a Chaos gem.

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