Vasman is an Ember scholar and questgiver in Torchlight. He is found on the eastern side of the town and gives a series of quests to find a special piece of Ember on various floors of the main dungeon. For most of these quests, he offers the reward of a Mysterious Map that opens a portal to a specially-constructed challenge level.

After they have been completed, Vasman tasks you to find Embers in the Shadow Vault, either for himself, or for his colleagues.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Ember for each quest appears on the ground on a specific dungeon floor, although the quest description does not specify on which floor the item appears.

Quest name Item Floor
The Gleaming Ember Gleaming Ember 1
Ember of Another Color Deathlace Ember 5
The Shimmering Deeps Shimmering Ember 12
Primal Caverns Primal Ember 18
The Savage Prison Savage Ember 23
The Strength of Ember Adamant Ember 28
Deepest Ember Sanguine Ember 33

Note[edit | edit source]

Vasman's first quest for The Gleaming Ember always rewards a Chaos gem.

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