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The Disturbances in Torchlight Were More Severe Than I'd Expected - Though I Must Admit I Felt a Bit Relieved. Petty Assignments Often Signal The End of a Vanquisher's Career. I Came to Restore The Flow of Ember - But The Darkness Below Torchlight Ran Far Deeper Than The Mines. It Would Be A Test of Both My Skill and Conviction. Evil Must Be Torn Out at Its Root, and This One Had Buried Itself Deeply. - Vanquisher

The Vanquisher

The Vanquisher is one of the playable Classes in Torchlight.


The Vanquisher is a ranged class that has abilities to strengthen her ranged combat. The Vanquisher is extremely adept at using rifles, bows, crossbows, and pistols. The Vanquisher has the second largest health pool of the three classes, and the 2nd largest mana pool of the three classes. This class is best suited to shooting enemies from long range and staying out of melee combat. The Vanquisher can use melee weapons, but is better with ranged weapons. It is also the only female class.


Vanquishers gain 40 HP and 5 MP per level. They are tied for both the lowest HP and MP increases per level (40 HP with the Alchemist and 5 MP with the Destroyer).


As with the other classes in Torchlight, the only requirement to spend points in a skill is to achieve a certain character level. Below are all the vanquisher's skills, divided by skill tree and including the character level requirement for the first rank in each skill.


The Marksman skill tree focuses on ranged weapon attacks.


The Rogue skill tree contains skills based around melee weapons and attack skills that do not require an equipped ranged weapon.


The Arbiter skill tree focuses on traps.

In Torchlight II[]

In Torchlight II, the Vanquisher appears as Commander Vale (a non-player character; looks like Vale and has her original Vanquisher's name). She is held prisoner by General Grell along with the Guardian in Wellspring Temple.

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