Hi, my name is Adrian and I will add/update/edit/sort alphabetic Items (T1) for Torchlight by name and/or level!

List of Items I've added so far:

Let me know or teach me (I'm n00b to this system) how to do It In some cases.

If someone takes screenshots with Items (T1) for Torchlight Icon and detailed window please send me an email.

Example: Camp Hatchet that little Icon (left) with the Item and detailed window (right) or 2 screenshots on the entire window game with detailed window and little Icon without pointing the mouse cursor over the Item (It makes too bright).

My Rule/s:
1. Do not take screenshots while the Item Is directly putted on your character (It makes to big the Item/s; helmets, chest armors, gloves, weapons, shoulder armors, belts & boots) move It to your Equipment window.
2. Do not take screenshots at low resolutions (only 1920x1080)
3. Do not take screenshots while your character Is on your private chest to store your Items (go to "market", so that Item has the "sell price :xxxx" too on bottom of the detailed window screen)
4. Do not send me email asking when I will put new Items (when I have time I will put right away)

Contact: adryanusboy[at]gmail[dot]com

Sorry for my bad english, sometimes Is pain In the ***

Thank you!

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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