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Trill-Bot 4000 is an NPC and questgiver in Torchlight. He is a mechanical construct and described as an "aspiring bard and one man band." He gives quests to find and kill champion monsters on various levels of the main dungeon, then rewards players with increased fame by singing their praises.

Trill-Bot makes a return appearance in Torchlight II, if the player is able to find his parts and reassemble him.

Trill-Bot resembles the Alchemical Golems summoned by Alchemists, although he has an accordion and drum attached to his arms and pipes coming out of his back.

In Torchlight I[]


All of Trill-Bot’s quests are straight forward – locate and eliminate the target, and obtain reward. He'll instruct you on what to kill and where you can find the targets. After killing Varkaseer, Trill-Bot will assign quests to fight random champion monsters on each normal floor of the main dungeon.


Location: 3rd floor (Orden Mine)


GP: 60
EXP: 260
Fame: 390
Item: Random magical item

In Torchlight II[]

Various parts needed to assemble him can be found in the optional quest Robot Parts.


In the game files, the character's model is named "volBARD," a reference to John "Volbard" Dunbar, a designer at Runic Games.

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