Transmuting in Torchlight II is a process by which the player can combine certain items into new items. It is similar to transmuting in the first game, but features some different recipes and a system that remembers known recipes.

The quality of the transmuted items is an average of the quality of the ingredients one uses. For example, for "A Random Unique" transmutation if one uses four uniques varying in quality 19-32 the resultant item will lie between these quality levels, on the other hand if all four are of 23 quality level then the resultant unique will have 23 quality. This is especially important if you are rolling for a particular set item. The best way to nearly guarantee that you get an item from the same set, is to use items from the same set to transmute. This of course assumes that you have extra items belonging to the same set. (it is often possible to receive a higher level set piece from 2 lower level pieces)

The transmuter first becomes available in Zeryphesh, at the beginning of Act II.


Image Name Ingredients Product
Big health potion tl2 Big Health Potion Health Potion x3 Big Health Potion
Giant health potion tl2 Giant Health Potion Big Health Potion x3 Giant Health Potion
Huge health potion tl2 Huge Health Potion Giant Health Potion x3 Huge Health Potion
Super health potion tl2 Super Health Potion Huge Health Potion x3 Super Health Potion
Grand health potion tl2 Grand Health Potion Super Health Potion x3 Grand Health Potion
Mega health potion tl2 Mega Health Potion Grand Health Potion x3 Mega Health Potion
Ultimate health potion tl2 Ultimate Health Potion Mega Health Potion x3 Ultimate Health Potion
Big Mana potion tl2 Big Mana Potion Mana Potion x3 Big Mana Potion
Giant Mana potion tl2 Giant Mana Potion Big Mana Potion x3 Giant Mana Potion
T2 Mana Huge Huge Mana Potion Giant Mana Potion x3 Huge Mana Potion
T2 Mana Super Super Mana Potion Huge Mana Potion x3 Super Mana Potion
T2 Mana Grand Grand Mana Potion Super Mana Potion x3 Grand Mana Potion
T2 Mana Mega Mega Mana Potion Grand Mana Potion x3 Mega Mana Potion
Ultimate mana potion tl2 Ultimate Mana Potion Mega Mana Potion x3 Ultimate Mana Potion
RandomSetItem A Random Set Item Any Set Item x2 A Random Set Item of average level
Random Spell tl2 A Random Spell Any spell x2 A random spell (average level of both spells)
RandomUnique A Random Unique Any Unique (Orange) Item x4 A Random Unique from average level of transmuted ones
AddSocket Add Socket to Item

Any item without a socket x1
Any gem of equal or greater level x2

One or more sockets are added to the original item. Only 1 of the gems needs to be of higher level than the equipment being socketed.
Socketable High Grade Socketable Socketable x3 Random rare-quality gem (average level of gems)
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