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Part of the Transcendent set

Trancendent  BracersLevel 99
Set Item: Unique Gloves
76 Icon physicalArmor.jpg Physical Armor
Icon socket.jpg Empty Socket

+28 Focus Attribute bonus
+12 Mana stolen on hit
Conveys 7% chance that target Flees for 12 seconds

Set: Transcendent
2 Pieces: +8% Wand and Staff Damage bonus
3 Pieces: Silence for 3 seconds
4 Pieces: Charge rate increased by 15%
5 Pieces: +10% Mana
6 Pieces: +15% Cast Speed
7 Pieces: 20% chance to Freeze for 5 seconds
8 Pieces: 20% chance to Shock for 5 seconds
9 Pieces: 20% chance to Burn for 5 seconds
10 Pieces: +20% to All Damage

Requires Level 99
Focus 288
Requires Class: Embermage

When the pinnalce is within your
reach, set your sights higher.

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