Trail of the Grand Regent is the sixth main quest in Act I. It is assigned by Commander Vale in Estherian Enclave. She tells the player to gain access to Watchweald Temple.

Previous quest: Regroup at the Enclave
Next quest: The Ember Keys

Offer Text Edit

This plague seems to specifically target beings of an inherently magical nature, such as the Estherians ... and the Guardians. So far it's not affecting humans, so I've sent for a transport to bring us some medical supplies, and I'll be coordinating the medical relief here.

Meanwhile, you need to get out to the Watchweald Temple. Take Crows' Pass to the Frosted Hills. Try to catch up to the Grand Regent before he enters the temple.

Rewards Edit

NG Level Gold XP Fame Item
Normal None 950 None Leveled Loot
NG +1 3350
NG +2  ?
NG +3  ?

Followup Text Edit

Everything okay? I thought you were going out to the Watchweald Temple, to look for the Grand Regent.

Journal Entry Edit

Go through Crows' Pass to the Frosted Hills, and find a way to intercept Grand Regent Eldrayn, before he reaches the Watchweald Temple.

The story so far...
Back at the Enclave, you learned that a strange, magical sickness has been spreading among the Estherians ever since the Alchemist's attack. There is also a strong possibility that Grant Regent Eldrayn is carrying the disease, and he is already en route to the Watchweald Temple, to see to the protection to the Guardian of the Wild.

If the Grand Regent spreads his mystery illness to the Guardian, it could mean the end of all plants and animals, everywhere in the world!


After speaking with Commander Vale, travel to Crows' Pass. The quest is completed upon talking to Elder Valin and will begin the next quest, The Ember Keys.

Completed Text Edit

Greetings, traveler. Can you assist me? I was travelling with the Grand Regent, to the Watchweald Temple, when we became separated. I was hoping to rejoin him at the temple ... but the doors have been sealed behind him. He was very ill, when I last saw him. I think he might have contracted the same sickness affecting the other Estherians.

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