The Tower of the Moon is a small, preset dungeon in Act II of the Torchlight II, found in the Ossean Wastes and only visible once you have been assigned the Tower of the Moon quest from Muzaffar, the Zeraphi military commander.

The champion boss drops the Prison Key which unlocks the door leading to Duros the Blade, who rewards you and then appears in Zeryphesh as a gambler.

Hit every gong in the room to make the gate behind Duros open. Beyond the gate, there is the Robotic Arm for the quest Robot Parts.


Species Name El. Abilities
Undead Shattered One Icon enemyPoison Resists Interrupts
Shattered Headless Icon enemyPoison Immobilizing Breath
Desiccated Warrior Icon enemyPoison Undead, Shield Blocks Damage, Poison
Skeleton Bone Golem Icon enemyPoison Bone Cloud Summon
Zombie Dune Fiend Icon enemyPhysical Creates Dune Fiends From Corpses
Ghost Sand Spectre Icon enemyPoison Casts Insect Plages


  • Juthama Kasam Icon enemyPhysical Casts Shadow Fan, Summons Creatures From Pit, Sandstorm
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