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Welcome to the '''Torchlight Wiki''', the free encyclopedia about the video games ''[[Torchlight]]'' and ''[[Torchlight II]]'' developed by [[Runic Games]].<br />
<div style="font-size:88%">
We are [[Special:Recentchanges|currently working]] on {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles. You can check out the [[Special:Newpages|new pages]], [[Special:Recentchanges|recent changes]], and [[Special:Statistics|statistics]].
{{HeadingA|[[Torchlight II]]}}
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[[File:Torchlight2logo.png|center|195px|link=Torchlight II]]{{Clear}}
<div style="font-size:90%;">[[Torchlight II|''Torchlight II'' overview]]</div>
<div style="background:#393029;">'''Classes'''</div>
[[Berserker]] <br /> [[Embermage]] <br /> [[Engineer]] <br /> [[Outlander]]
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<div style="background:#393029;">'''Characters'''</div>
[[Alchemist]] • [[Destroyer]] • [[Vanquisher]]<br />
[[Syl]] • [[Elemental Guardian]]s • [[Estherian]]s • [[Grand Regent]]<br />
•<br />
'''[[:Category:Monsters (T2)|Monsters]]'''<br />
•<br />
'''[[Pets (T2)|Pets]]'''
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<div style="background:#393029;">'''[[Items (T2)|Items]]'''</div>
[[Items (T2)#Armor|Armor]]<br />
[[Items (T2)#Weapons|Weapons]]<br />
[[Uniques (T2)|Uniques]]<br />
[[Legendaries (T2)|Legendaries]]<br />
[[Sets (T2)|Sets]]<br />
•<br />
[[Gems (T2)|Gems]]<br />
[[Fish (T2)|Fish]]<br />
[[Spells (T2)|Spells]]<br />
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<div style="background:#393029;">'''Locations'''</div>
'''Act I: [[Estherian Steppes]]:'''<br />
[[Estherian Enclave]]<br />
'''Act II: [[Mana Wastes]]:'''<br />
[[Zeryphesh]]<br />
'''Act III: [[Grunnheim]]:'''<br />
[[Imperial Camp]]<br />
'''Act IV: [[Broken Mines]]:'''<br />
| style="border:2px solid #1A1111;"|
<div style="background:#393029;">'''Gameplay'''</div>
[[Charge]] • [[Difficulty (T2)|Difficulty]] • [[Elements]] • [[Enchanting (T2)|Enchanting]] • [[Game Mechanics]] • [[New Game Plus]] • [[Mapworks]] • [[Overworld area|Overworld]] • [[Stats (T2)|Stats]] • [[Transmuting (T2)|Transmuting]]<br />
•<br />
'''[[Multiplayer features]]'''
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<div style="background:#393029;">'''Quests'''</div>
[[Torchlight II walkthrough|Walkthrough]]<br />
[[Quests (T2)|Quests]]
{{HeadingA|Torchlight I}}
[[File:Torchlight transparent.png|center|300px|link=Torchlight]]
{| cellpadding="5px" align="center" style="text-align:center;"
|[[Image:ItemsButton.jpg|100px|border|link=Items (T1)]]
|'''[[Items (T1)|Items]]'''
|[[Image:DungeonsButton.jpg|100px|border|link=List of dungeons (T1)]]
|[[Image:WalkthroughsButton.png|100px|border|link=Torchlight Walkthrough]]
|'''[[List of dungeons (T1)|Dungeons]]'''
|'''[[Torchlight Walkthrough|Walkthrough]]'''
{{HeadingA|Featured Video}}
[[File:Torchlight II Video Review|thumb|center|360px]]
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{{HeadingA|New Monsters}}
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I like the willy up da bum yo

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