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Note: Trill-Bot 4000 is giving you a random quest for each level, with a random item and some xp to gain. Don't forget to get back to town to turn in quests between each level with a portal scroll!

Orden Mines Edit

Dank Chamber (Floor 4) Edit

Brink Corrupted

Brink the Corrupted

You fight Brink after walking through the gate, a cut scene plays where Alric attacks and 'mutates' him. Brink the Corrupted has unarmed melee attacks, a doom quake-like attack, a beam-like attack, a move that summons neon blue ember crystals out of the ground and another move to blow them up to cause damage to the surrounding area.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

Keep moving. Brink the Corrupted can only use a majority (maybe all) of his moves standing still. So you could whittle his health by using a "shoot and run" approach because he ultimately cannot melee you if move fast enough OR you could charge him with an inventory of potions.

Necropolis Edit

Tomb of the Awakend (Floor 5) Edit

Vasman asked you to find the Deathlace Ember for his second quest that is located in the middle of this floor. Good luck finding it! (it's a shiny golden medallion, you can't miss it)

The lair of the sisters (Floor 6) Edit

Upon walking into this level, you'll end on the Lair of the sisters ! Read the book, and be ready to fight!

The three ghostly sisters are summoned into the room:

There is no real strategy to beat them. They're all 3 walking around the room, summoning invocation, and buffing each other. If you're a caster, you might want to start with Lady Aleera. Either way, you'll end up running out of mana pretty quickly. If you're a berseker, Lady Verona might be your target. As she's healing everyone, it might be a little rough to deal with every invocation and casts.


The Overseer

Overseer's Library (Floor 8)Edit

Light the braziers, defeat the minions in the narrow path, then The Overseer appears.

He uses Alchemists-like spells and summons several Skeletons and Zombies in waves.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

AOE damage would be useful (e.g. Doomquake, Ice Shock, Lightning Bomb). when surrounded by minions, or maybe a repel spell if you found one, OR charge him with an inventory of potions and close combat attacks. He is fairly easy to beat.

Estherian Ruins Edit

Collecting Glyph (Floor 10 to 16) Edit



When you reach the portal room, you must go through 3 dungeons to collect the Glyphs to activate the Central portal in the room:

  • The violet portal will guide you to the "Glyph of Turning" (Floor 10 & 11).
  • The orange portal will lead you to the "Glyph of Direction" (Floor 12 & 13).
    • Before going into this floor, ensure to validate the second Vasman's quest. Hidden in this level, you'll find the pinky Shimmering Ember, Vasman's third quest item ! Good luck further !
  • The blue portal will direct you to the "Glyph of Movement" (Floor 14 & 15).

Estherian Ruins (Floor 16) Edit

On this floor you face Vilebracken, a large Strider. Apart from being bigger, he moves faster and attacks faster than normal Striders, he has a knockback ability and resistant from it.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

Range attack him, you might as well because he knocks you back quite a bit OR like the previous bosses charge him with an inventory of potions but will be tougher and risky.

Tu'Tara Caverns Edit


Ember Colossus

Tu'Tara Cavern (Floor 17 to 19) Edit

Just random levels with some small boss to earn fame. Each floor is really long compared to all that we've seen before, and their is some tricky part ! Do not hesitate to come back a bit to find some of them, and get famous! Also on floor 18, you'll find the green Primal Ember, that's from Vasman's fourth quest item !

Vast Chasm (Floor 20)Edit

This small level is surronded by elemental bolt. Then you'll meet the Ember Colossus, a really big golem made from ember! (Thanks Captain huh?) As the other boss in town, he's bigger, attack faster and got elemental special abilities. It is worthwhile to prepare for this fight with extra care if you are unused to handling lots of elemental damage. Particularly, the Elemental Protection spell is very useful. He has a variety of magical and elemental attacks that can be used at long range. It will frequently use a massive leaping stomp attack and long range beam. But be carefull: He is resistant to elemental attacks and these should be avoided.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

Stacking resistances (particularly fire and electrical) along with the Elemental Protection spell will help make this fight easier. Also, it is rather easy to get him stuck due to the difficult terrain pathing with bridges and platforms. So either invoc some monsters (like skull and zombie to tank him) and deal at a good range to avoid ice damage from the laser OR charge him with potions, but dont forget to dodge "Doomquake", or your life will fly away. You can also knockback him during his laser, that will stop him !

Molten Prison Edit

Molten Prison (Floor 21 to 23) Edit

Like the Tu'Tara Caverns, you'll explore a brand new level, which is the best looking in this game. This area is filled with crumbling ruins, hordes of goblins (which are the main monsters here), and a sea of lava.


Krag, the Armored Troll

On the 23rd floor, you can find (Only if all of the previous quest have been validate) the purple Savage Ember which is the 5th item for Vasman.

Prison Stronghold (Floor 24)Edit

Welcome into the arena, that appears to be Krag's cavern. This one’s a bit of work so make sure you go in with plenty of health potions and mana potions. Krag is defended by an aura from each Trollmaster near him. While the amount of smaller minions may appear to be endless, they eventually do slow down. Despite the other bosses Krag is just a big tank. He's not dealing as much damage as Vilebracken, but is terribly tanky.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

Well as i said, the Trollmaster are healing & shielding him. They also summons poison spells. So you have two ways to do it:

  • Whether you kill the Trollmaster around him (they are 4 into the field, one at each cardinal point.) and then you go on Krag
  • Or if you have enough DPS (and pots), you can go and explode Krag's shield and damage him (Actually, that's not the best solution)

Remember that Krag is a troll, so he's dealing physical damage (You need armor), and he's bumping you out at each attack (Get close to him if you're a berseker). Also skills or items that degrade armor per hit work great as his armor value is pretty high.

Lost Fortress Edit

Lost Fortress (Floor 25 & 26) Edit

The lost fortress is filled with dwarves and mechanical enemies. Its a pretty good representation of the stereotypical dwarven "great halls" and is full of treasure and secret place activable. Some of the bigger dwarves can freeze you, so be on your guard. There are also giant ballistas (big crossbows) through the floors, sometimes you can get to them and get some easy hits for big damage on groups of enemies. Other times, the ballistas are just in the wrong place to do any real good.

Lost Fortress - Ember Forge (Floor 27) Edit

As you pass the main hall Syl teleports in. You have found the forge and Syl has even learned (from the tomes in the Overseers library) how to remove the corruption while leaving the raw strength the ember has granted you untouched.


Medea, the Dark Zealot

As you step on the platform, she blasts it with a powerful surge of energy.While you remain on the platform being purged of corruption, Alric teleports in and confronts Syl. After a several discution, Alric teleported away with Syl. You know realize that she has been kidnapped. It's again your turn to be the Hero !

Lost Fortress (Floor 28) Edit

Step down into another random level, but with some goods inside ! After running like crazy to get Syl back, you'll find at the end of the level the goldish Adamant Ember which is the 6th item for Vasman ! Dont forget to get back in town to validate your quest !

Lost Fortress (Floor 29) Edit

Medea is a Dark Zealot and one of the worst enemies in game. She will launch projectile attacks, summon clones of her, and use beam attacks on you.

A good strategy to beat this boss would be to:

When she summons her clone, use any AoE spell to remove them (they are really weak, you'll nerly one shot them all). If you dont, your health will get low really fast ! As she's also dealing with electrical spell (like the Titan Stomp, but without knocking you back), stack ups minions isnt worth. She'll clear them fast. So dont forget to split up !

Keep your health up with potions or spells as she is a hard hitter and just use your strongest attacks on her until she falls.

Black Palace Edit

The Black Palace is the final area of the game, where Ordrak has created a castle forged of dark ember and filled with his most powerful minions. Upon reaching floor 30, a new portal quest will be available from Hatch


Black Palace (Floor 31)Edit

After walking down a long hallway, fighting many enemies, you'll reach a large room. In the middle is Syl, trapped inside of a magical field.

Ordrak speaks to you, "How dare you tresspass here! I will destroy you for your insolence!" Shade attacks, but isn't special. After killing him, you run up to Syl and free her.

Black Palace (Floor 32 & 33) Edit

Those are two big random level (really big compare to the other). You'll find many small bosses that increase your fame (mostly Zealot) Take care, Zealot summons a lot of skeletons that can slow and damage you.

Black Palace (Floor 34)Edit

Lair Edit

Lair (Floor 35)Edit

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