Promotional art for XBLA release

The Xbox 360 version of Torchlight was released on Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) on March 9, 2011.

Differences from the PC version[edit | edit source]

New content[edit | edit source]

  • Choice of a Chakawary as a base pet.
  • 3 new armor sets, one for each class.
  • Characters start with an Improbably Large Fish, which can permanently transform a pet into a Troll.
  • An NPC named Flux gives sidequests to find pieces of Ember on various floors of the main dungeon. Flux was present in the PC version, but did not give quests.

The redesigned inventory screen

Interface[edit | edit source]

The interface has been redesigned for consoles. Character movement is driven directly by the analog stick, and inventory now consists of a total of 50 slots instead of the grid layout seen on the PC.

Achievements and Xbox Live features[edit | edit source]

Main article: Achievements (T1)
  • 12 Xbox achievements
  • Players can gift each other a Potion of Respec through an Xbox Live message. Once done, both players' characters will start with one free Potion of Respec.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Xbox 360 port was developed as a collaboration between Runic Games and World Domination Industries, Inc.. Runic became more heavily involved in the port in mid-2010 when it became clear that its controls and graphical interface required a complete overhaul to adapt for use with console-style controllers.[1] As such, the player character is now directly driven by the controller without any virtual cursors. The game also incorporates technology developed for Torchlight II including character animation blending and an improved automap.

Because Microsoft is acting as publisher of the XBLA release, Torchlight will likely remain exclusive to the Xbox 360 on consoles.[2]

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