The Sundered Battlefield is an Act III main quest given by Professor Stoker in the Imperial Camp. After retrieving the Power Source for the Automaton in the Imperial Camp, Professor Stoker discovers that the power source is drained, and must be recharged at the Emberworks.

Previous Quest: Some Assembly Required
Next Quest: Enter the Emberworks

Offer TextEdit

This is only a minor setback. We knew about these Power Sources from our explorations of the Emberworks, on the far side of the Sundered Battlefield. We found machines there that the ancient dwarves once used to craft them. If you can reach the Emberworks, it should be child's play to recharge it.

You'll have to make your way through Rivenskull Pass to reach the battlefield. Once you've charged the Power Source. come back here, and we'll install it in the Automaton.


NG Level Gold XP Fame Reward Choices
Normal None 5300 None None
NG +1  ?
NG +2  ?
NG +3  ?

Follow-Up TextEdit

I've been having a look at the automaton again, and I think the overall charge doesn't need to be too great... ust enough to impel its servomotors to open and close the door. It's not like we need it to do any fighting, after all!

That's a good thing. The old machines in the dwarven Emberworks might still be functioning, but only just... and, although we might be able to work out how to make them work, we don't exactly know how to get the most out of them. That's why the Empire sent this expedition, after all!

Journal EntryEdit

Travel through Rivenskull Gorge to the Sundered Battlefield. Search the Emberworks for a way to recharge the Power Source, then return to Professor Stoker at the Imperial Camp.

The story so far...

The Alchemist is slipping further out of reach! On Professor Stoker's advice, you retrieved a Power Source for the old dwarven automaton, but its charge was exhausted. So, while the Alchemist draws ever closer to the Clockwork Core, you're forced with searching an ancient dwarven battlefield for a way to recharge the Power Source.


Travel through Rivenskull Gorge and into the Sundered Battlefield. Once in the Sundered Battlefield, speak to the Robot Eye.

The quest is completed (and a new quest given) by the Robot Eye at a large door set into a cliff face (the eye appears to be controlled by something behind the door).

Completion TextEdit

"Who are you? What do YOU want?"

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