The Shining Censer is a minor Act I side quest given by an Estherian called Aergus in Path of the Honored Dead. The Estherian called Aergus wants you to retrieve the Tranquil Censer, which will be dropped by one of the foes in the area.

Aergus will be found hiding behind a gravestone, but he will not always appear.

Reward Edit

NG Level Gold XP Fame Item
Normal None None 195 Leveled Loot
NG +1 983
NG +2  ?
NG +3  ?

Completion Text Edit

You have retrieved the Tranquil Censer! Thank you!

I can use the censer to purge the necromantic stain form the Path of the Honored Dead. Guardians willing, that should let the Honored Dead return to their tombs in peace.

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