The Scroll of Anom-Irek is an Act I side quest assigned by the Estherian Miamin in Path of the Honored Dead. Enter the Corrupted Crypt dungeon beside her, destroy the boss Fallen Guardian, retrieve the Scroll of Anom-Irek, and return it to Miamin.

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

You must be the human the other Estherians are speaking of. I am glad to have met you. I have been sent on a quest by Grand Regent Eldrayn to recover the Scroll of Anom-Irek, stored in a vault in the Corrupted Crypt, here. Unfortunately, the Sturmbeorn have already entered the crypt, and I have been unable to get past them.

Can I ask you to attempt to retrieve the scroll? I will wait here in the Path of the Honored Dead for your return. Should you succeed, I will see what I can do to provide you with some equipment more fitting a hero of your stature.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

NG Level Gold XP Fame Item
Normal 488 1700 255 Leveled Loot
NG +1 2036 6500 975
NG +2 ? ? ?
NG +3 ? ? ?

Followup Text[edit | edit source]

Centuries ago, the sage Anom-Irek devised a method of identifying and even curing Estherians who had become corrupted by the evil spirits known as Netherim. We have not been troubled by their ilk ever since.

The attack by the Alchemist, however, and the subsequent sickness, reminded me of the descriptions of Netherim possession ... so I came here to seek Anom-Irek's cure. My hope was to steal into the crypt and return before the Sturmbeorn arrived, but, as you can see, I was too late.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]

Retrieve the Scroll of Anom-Irek from the Corrupted Crypt in the Path of the Honored Dead.

After Retrieving the Scroll[edit | edit source]

Return the Scroll of Anom-Irek to Miamin in the Path of the Honored Dead.

Completed Text[edit | edit source]

I find myself impressed with your ability, human. I must confess: When I sent you on this quest, I feared you might not return. But it stirs my heart to see that my fears were unfounded.

While you were gone, I located an item that might be of some use to you. Please take it, with my blessing ... and the thanks of the Estherians.

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