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"The council has ordered the necropolis sealed. I could purge the corruption from the awakened with a little more time, but they will not listen! They call the Ember's effect a curse and feign concern for the peaceful rest of our ancestors, but fear alone guides them! If the council refuses to accept the blessing of eternal life, we will keep the Ember for ourselves. Woe to any who disturb our sanctuary." - The Overseer's Journal

The Overseer is the 2nd major boss you fight in Torchlight and appears in the Necropolis on floor 8 of the main dungeon.


In a forgotten time, the Overseer was once a living being, and the officer of the leading council of a human civilization a long time ago fallen due to the corruption. The Overseer was the supervisor of experiments of this civilization to gain immortality by using the Ember. In these experiments the ancients used the dead bodies of their ancestors as experimental subjects, located in their giant Necropolis. However, the experiments ended in a disaster: Since they had used corrupted Ember, they did not achieved immortality, or revived the dead, but instead ended up with resurrecting the corpses as zombies and ghosts. Recognizing their error, the leading council decided to seal the Necropolis, preventing the withspread of chaos, death and corruption.

The Overseer, however, refused to end his experiments, since he thought that he could "purge the corruption from the awakened with a little more time". Unaware of the futility of his actions and already corrupted by Ordrak and the Ember, he and his followers stayed with the undead in the Necropolis, calling it their "sanctuary". Even though he would eventually die, the Overseer thought that he had found the "blessing of eternal life". However, his corrupted mind indeed found no peace after death, and still not willing to perish at last, the Overseer haunted his library for the coming centuries.

Over time, all those who had remained within the Necropolis ended up as mindless undead or in a state of living death. Nevertheless, the sealing of the Crypts did not prevent the ultimate downfall of the ancient civilization. It fell into oblivion, leaving behind only its people, who are, according to Master Alric, the miners of Torchlight.

Hundreds of years later, the peace of the dead was disrupted once more; three heroes, by name Commander Vale, a Destroyer, and an Alchemist broke into the Necropolis, searching for the Overseer's Library to cure their corruption. Even though the Overseer's undead followers fought the living bitterly, they were defeated. The heroes found their way to the old library, and unintentionally awakened the ghost of the madman. Screaming his final line, "Who dare disturb our sanctuary!", he attacked them. However, the Overseer proved to be no match for the heroes and was eventually destroyed, silencing his insane ghost for good.


His abilities are of a mage class. He summons skeletons and zombies to fight. He teleports closer to the champion and he has multiple magical spells that inflict damage. The Overseer's lair can only be entered if you light every brazier. Two are located for the Overseer's gate and six are located where the Overseer spawns. At the start the Overseer is not present, but lighting the 6 braziers summons him as he says "Who dare disturb our sanctuary!" He is fairly easy. His items are average to rare. He does drop a unique item, the Overseer's eye which increases your champions hit points by 25. There is a flaw to this. If you create a new character, rush through to the Overseer, kill him, pick up his eye and not use it, then teleport back to town and place the eye in the "Shared stash" that is on the top of torchlight, you can increase your main character or character of choosing by another 25 hit points. You could do this as many times as you wish, however it is very time consuming.

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