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The Lost Hold is found in Sundered Battlefield. It is a rare dungeon that is not always generated.

This one-level dungeon is so full of Dwarf Shield Bearers that it is sometimes difficult to move around for the sheer number of them. Mixed in are Rusted Mechanoids, War Trolls and Dwarven Battle Turrets. Other monsters seem only related to the bosses near them. At the end of the dungeon there is a portal leading to a boss fight against two Unique War Trolls.


  • War Troll
  • Rotted Dwarf Shield Bearer
  • Dwarf Flamekegger
  • Rusted Mechanoid
  • Dwarven Battle Turret
  • Varkolyn Brute
  • Splinter Wraith


Two Unique War Trolls with the following abilities need to be bested at the end: Boulder Smash, Axe Pull, Leap Attack, Cannot Be Interrupted. They can carry one attribute such as (Noxious), (Shocking), (Haunted), or possibly others. Names vary, including Ror'an, Wraithgrinder, Khemmur, Izil'pheer, Kalubil, Flamedrinker, with likely more existing. The second War Troll is accompanied by a few Splinter Wraiths.


After slaying these trolls, players will find one Ornate Chest, two medium chests, and a bunch of gold strewn around the floor.


 * monster level reflects the fact that the image is from an NG+ playthrough

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