The Djinni's Final Task is an Act II main quest given by the Djinni, Fazeer Shah in the Salt Barrens. He tasks players with defeating his ancient enemy Ezrek Khan in Jehannum and retrieve the Lamp of Marvels.

Previous Quest: The Djinni's Next Task
Next Quest: Breaking the Siege

Offer TextEdit

Well, well. You are much more determined ... and capable ... than I had suspected! Excellent ...

If you truly wish to free the Guardian, you must humiliate my old rival, Ezrek Khan, by stealing his precious Lamp of Marvels.


NG Level Gold XP Fame Item
Normal 1941 8800 None Leveled Loot
NG +1  ?  ?
NG +2 5591 20600
NG +3  ?  ?

Follow-Up TextEdit

Be warned: Ezrek Khan draws his power from the same source as the Netherim. His realm borders closely on theirs; they will almost certainly stand against you, should you challenge the djinni.

Journal EntryEdit

Accepting the QuestEdit

Defeat Ezrek Khan in Jehannum, and retrieve the Lamp of Marvels.

The story so far...

Fazeer Shah's "entertainments" have put your life in serious jeopardy twice now ... and he still isn't satisfied! Fortunately, he swears he only has this one last task for you, and then he'll honor his bargain, and free the Guardian of Mana from the controls placed upon her by the Ezrohir.

After Deafeating Ezrek KhanEdit

Return to Fazeer Shah after you have defeated Ezrek Khan.


Once Fazeer Shah summons the portal after completing the previous quest, enter the Haunted Quarter. In the Haunted Quarter, fight through the various Netherim enemies until reaching Jehannum, where Ezrek Khan awaits.

The battle with Ezrek Khan consists of 3 phases, all of which follow the same general formula. The beginning of each phase involves the spawning of a few minions, allowing players to gain charge, regain health, etc. After these enemies are defeated, Ezrek Khan will enter the battle and laugh for a few moments before facing the players himself.

The first phase minions consist of a Skeletal Pyromancer accompanied by 5 Cinderblades. Ezrek himself will cast a few powerful spells as well as teleport across the area. Upon his defeat, he will teleport back to his original, protected position and begin the second phase.

The second phase minions consist of a Sand Hulk accompanied by 9 Shattered Headless. The Ezrek section of this phase sees the return of the Djinni, this time with an additional ability to create 2 mirror images, each with their own health bars, which are able to cast the same spells as their original. Defeating the original will automatically kill the mirror images but the reverse is not true. In order to determine which of the three is the original, the mirror images will have a standard health bar, while the original has a boss health bar.

The third phase minions consist of a Mana Spectre accompanied by 3 Tomb Jailors. Ezrek will step once more into the fray, this time with more health. Defeat him one final time to make him drop the Lamp of Marvels. Upon obtaining the Lamp, Fazeer Shah will appear. Return the Lamp to the Djinni to complete the quest and enter the portal to return to Zeryphresh.

Once in Zeryphesh, speak with the Guardian of Air to begin the next quest.

Completion TextEdit

Everything has transpired exactly as I intended! I have my Lamp of Marvels! At last, I am free!

I confess: This lamp is much more valuable than you could have known. Ezrek Khan stole it from me ages ago, and now that I have them both, I have my freedom, and ultimate power over my oldest rival.

As for your Guardian ... defeating Ezrek Khan has sufficiently weakened the magic they bound her with. You should be able to confront her now.


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