The way into the Scrapworks is blocked by a cave-in! The Vanquisher Captain needs you to enter the Abandoned Sawmill to retrieve dynamite to blast open the entrance so you may proceed.

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

So, the Professor sent you after the Power Source? We were on the same mission, but the only way to the Scrapworks is through that pile of rock.

I know the Abandoned Sawmill used to have plenty of explosives when the place was still in operation - a little bit of dynamite would probably get the job done here.

I sent my troop after it, but haven't heard a thing. If you can head up there and get that dynamite, we could all pass through and get the Professor what he needs.

Reward[edit | edit source]

XP: 2700 Fame: 0 Gold: 961 Item: YES

Follow-Up Text[edit | edit source]

If you want that Power Source, we're going to need something with some kick. I think some dynamite at the Abandoned Sawmill. Hopefully, my men have already secured it.

Quest Display[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the Scrapworks is blocked by a cave-in. A troop of Vanquishers is searching an Abandoned Sawmill in hopes of finding some dynamite to clear the rubble - they have not returned. Investigate the Abandoned Sawmill and find the dynamite and the missing troop.

Completion Text[edit | edit source]

The entire troop is dead? I'm the only one left? I can't believe it...

You'll have to forge ahead on your own - I need to return to camp and report to Vale.

Be careful out there.

After turning in the quest and accepting your reward, a plunger appears with a cord heading into the rocks. Use the plunger to blast open the entrance to the Scrapworks, allowing you to proceed with acquiring the Power Source to complete the quest Some Assembly Required.

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