The Temple Steppes is an overworld area in the grassy/lush part of the Estherian Steppes. It is the first open overworld area players encounter in Act I of Torchlight II, and is reached from the Estherian Enclave via the Path of the Honored Dead. It has a river running through it, and features several landmarks.[1]

Landmarks and points of interestEdit

  • Skull Hollow is an area inhabitated by Skeletons that houses the entrance to the Bone Gallery dungeon.
  • The Beast Warrens is a Sturmbeorn encampment. The Armor Schematics for the quest The Warbeast Armory are found in a Schematics Trunk here.
  • Wellspring Approach is the area that contains the entrance to the Wellspring Temple.
  • Fishermans Lantern is an object near the river where Olwin, the Tormented Spirit will open portal to the Plunder Cove dungeon.


Main quest:

Side quests:




Species Name El. Abilities
Skeleton Skeleton Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Archer Icon enemyPhysical Undead
Skeletal Shambler Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Hard to Kill
Skeletal Torso Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Warrior Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Skeletal Slayer Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Skeletal Mage Icon enemyElectric Undead, Casts Lightning Spells
Ghost Estherian Shade Icon enemyElectric Summons Shadewisps, Teleports
Estherian Shadewisp Icon enemyFire Fires Rebounding Energy Projectiles
Zombie Zombie Icon enemyPoison Undead
Sturmbeorn Felwalker Icon enemyPoison Undead
Felwalker Axethrower Icon enemyPoison Undead, Hurls Axes
Deathflinger Icon enemyPhysical Hurls Spears
Warmaker Icon enemyPhysical Shield Bash Attack, Shield Can Be Shattered
Blackclaw Icon enemyIce Power Slash Attack
Runecaller Icon enemyPoison Raises Undead, Casts Corrupted Souls
Ratlin Ratlin Archer Icon enemyPhysical Fires Flaming Arrows
Ratlin Marauder Icon enemyPhysical Flees When Allies Perish
Animal Warbeast Icon enemyPhysical  
Armored Warbeast Icon enemyPhysical  
Phase Beast Icon enemyElectric Opens Phase Portal When Killed
Unknown Bittersprite Icon enemyPhysical Drops Golden Key
Mimic Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks


  • Champion Ratlin Icon enemyPhysical (Shocking)
  • Champion Ratlin Icon enemyPhysical (Shocking)
  • Champion Ratlin Icon enemyPhysical (Shocking) OR Champion Beast Icon enemyPhysical Inflicts Bleeding
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyPhysical Raises Undead, Casts Corrupted Souls
  • Champion Sturmbeorn Icon enemyFire Casts Fire Spells (Shocking)

Guarding the Schematics TrunkEdit

  • Elite Smith Gunnbrenn Icon enemyFire Enchanted Fire Sword
  • Elite Smith Stennbrun Icon enemyElectric Enchanted Lightning Mace


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