Tarroch's Tomb is a small dungeon in Act II in Ossean Wastes of a NG+ or higher. To gain access to this dungeon you must kill three different champion bone golems with multiple Ezrohir guarding them located randomly around the Ossean Wastes and obtain their souls for tribute at an altar. Once the altar is found, it is designated on the map by a green side quest star.

Inside, there is a lone sarcophagus that contains a level 100 skeleton. There is also a one-way teleporter to an arena. Activating the altar there will start a wave of monsters; once it is defeated, you can then activate the altar again for the next wave. Each wave is progressively harder than the last, and during each wave, three chests would appear outside the arena.

However, should you die in the arena, all the chests will disappear. You can however escape the arena between or during waves via another one-way teleporter, allowing you to keep the chests you have earned so far. There are ten waves in total. Note that saving and returning, or leaving Tarroch's Tomb would reset it, losing all chests and items within it. Tarroch's Tomb also resets by leaving after completion, allowing players to quickly re-farm it.

It is not recommended that you spend much time on Tarroch's Tomb if you are new to NG+, as the enemies start at level 100 and rapidly become harder from there (increase by 10 levels each wave; the final boss in wave 10 is level 199). Even if you do manage to defeat a few waves, the chests would contain high-level items that you may not be able to equip.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In the following, the number of chests from the first to the tenth wave are recorded.

  1. One medium chest (those with a blue light shining upon) and two small chests.
  2. Two medium chests and one small chest.
  3. Two medium chests and one small chest.
  4. Three medium chests.
  5. One medium chest ad two small chests.
  6. Three medium chests.
  7. Three medium chests.
  8. Two Golden Chests and one medium chest.
  9. Two Golden Chests and one medium chest.
  10. Three Golden Chests.

An additional Ornate Chest is rewarded after finishing the ten waves, and usually contains four unique items. In total this gives one (1) Ornate Chest, seven (7) Golden Chests, seventeen (17) medium chests and six (6) small chests in total.

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