Tarroch's Rift is a small dungeon in Act II in Ossean Wastes for the One Man's Trash sidequest. The boss, The Manaforged, appears after the Spent Ember from Nerasis is placed. Once the boss is defeated, Rift Ember appears.


Species Name El. Abilities
Ratlin Ratlin Warrior Icon enemyPhysical Shield Blocks Damage
Ratlin Skirmisher Icon enemyPhysical Flees When Allies Perish
Ratlin Bowman Icon enemyPhysical Fires Fire Arrow Spread
Ezrohir Manaburned Ezrohir Icon enemyPoison Mana Vortex
Ezrohir Assassin* Icon enemyPhysical Backflip Dagger Attack
Ezrohir Marksman* Icon enemyPhysical Long-Range Shots, Tosses Shrapnel Crawlers
Animal Manaburned Jackalbeast Icon enemyElectric Extra Fast, Leap Attack
Ghost Mana Spectre Icon enemyPoison Summons Mana Wisps, Mana Storm
Elemental Mana Wisp Icon enemyFire Fires Seeking Energy Projectiles
Undead Desiccated Warrior Icon enemyPoison Undead, Shield Blocks Damage, Poison
Desiccated Bowman Icon enemyPoison Undead, Poison Arrow Hail

 * appears only with Ezrohir champion


  • (Ezrohir Snatcher) Icon enemyPhysical Ranged Claw Grab


The Manaforged Icon enemyPoison Mana Bolts, Sword Split

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