Taking Notes is an Act I side quest assigned by Jadok the Way-Warden in the Frosted Hills. The objective is to travel to the second floor of the Icedeep Caverns, defeat Chillhoof, and find three tables with Alchemist's Note, then return to Jadok.

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

Your arrival is well-timed. I believe I have located the Alchemist's lair, here in the Icedeep Caverns. I found a Journal just inside the entrance; it speaks of entering the mine at Torchlight and retrieving Ordrak's Heart. I intended to look for more, further inside the Caverns, but the creatures dwelling there now are too much for me.

Finding the rest of the Alchemist's Journals would probably be very helpful in ascertaining how to stop him. The one I saw was volume four, so there are probably three more in the Icedeep Caverns.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

NG Level Gold XP Fame Item
Normal 204 2400 1800 Leveled Loot
NG +1 637 7100 5325
NG +2 ? ? ?
NG +3 ? ? ?

Followup Text[edit | edit source]

These notes seem incomplete. There are a lot of blanks here that need to be filled in. Have you had a chance to see if there were any more?

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

Enter the Icedeep Caverns, in Frosted Hills, and locate the Alchemist's other three Journals.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "After months of research and experiments, I am forced to conclude that my Ember Blight is incurable ... and I am not alone. Hundreds die from it every year. Thousands more must be isolated from Ember, lest even the least exposure trigger a psychotic episode. The only real solution, it seems, is to remove the source of the infection ... to destroy all Ember, everywhere. Until now, this has been an unrealistic proposal. But, with the defeat of Ordrak, I believe a universal cure to Ember Blight is finally within reach ..."
  • "Ordrak's Heart is itself corrupted, and might actually be more dangerous to me than Ember. I have designed and crafted a tool, in the form of a stave, to control and wield the Heart. But it is not enough; the foul energies released by the Heart are capable of creating physical and mental deformities, even with only casual exposure. Accordingly, I must construct a suit of Ember-resistant armor, to shield me from the worst of these effects."
  • "There must be a way to increase the Heart's power ... perhaps by drawing it from the elemental Guardians? Their power is incomprehensibly vast, and any one of them could 'super-charge' Ordrak's Heart to more than equal the task. But would draining away that energy kill the Guardian? Would its associated element then run amok ... or vanish altogether? I must spread the 'donation' across multiple Guardians. The Guardians are unlikely to willingly part with that energy; I must take what I need, and pray that there is time for apologies later."

Completion Text[edit | edit source]

These notes are enlightening, to say the least. Clearly, the Alchemist is suffering from Ember Blight-induced dementia. Each subsequent note is more delusional than the last.

But ... hm. He did wear a suit of armor, and he did wield Ordrak's Heart, and he did attack the Guardian of Water. What if there is some nugget of truth in his madness?

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