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Syl is a non-player character in Torchlight. She is a wandering sage who acts as a questgiver. Syl and her traveling companion Brink have arrived in Torchlight to investigate the disappearance of her mentor Master Alric.

In Torchlight[]

The player first finds her and her friend Brink fighting off monsters from the mine. Brink enters the mine to chase down and finish off the attackers while the weakened Syl asks the player to go after him and protect him. Deeper in the mines, the player joins up with Brink, and they encounter Master Alric, Syl's former tutor who has now become corrupted by Ordrak. He completely corrupts Brink and partially corrupts the player character as well. After the player defeats Brink, Syl swears she will do everything in her power to cure the Ember corruption from the player.

She eventually does so at the Ember Forge, an ancient device located at the bottom of the lost Dwarven Fortress. While performing the ritual she is kidnapped by Alric's henchman Shade and kept hostage in the Black Palace, where the player must eventually save her.

In Torchlight II[]

Syl appears in Torchlight II. She initially appears in the opening cinematic, in which she, a group of Vanquishers, and the Destroyer are attacked by the Alchemist. He hits her with a lightning blast during the battle, killing her.

According to a 2010 interview with writer J.D. Wiker, Syl played a different role in an older version of Torchlight II's story. She was supposed to appear at the Estherian Enclave, where she had been attempting to recenter herself after the events of the first game. After having prophetic dreams about an ancient evil, she would have called the Alchemist, Destroyer and Vanquisher to meet her.[1]



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