The Sturmbeornen (singular: Sturmbeorn) are a group of ursine (bear-like) humanoids first appearing in Torchlight II. Part of the Beorn race, they are a primitive force of raiders who plunder the settlements of northern Vilderan. At the start of Torchlight II, General Grell has gathered an army of Sturmbeornen and is attacking the Estherian Enclave.[1]


In the far north of Vilderan dwell the Beornen: a race of bear-men who have developed a primitive culture built around exploration and trade - and, from time to time, plunder. These raiders, or "Sturmbeornen," cross the northern channel and ravage the coastline settlements, pillaging and slaughtering in their quest for power, glory, and battle.

Most of these raiding parties consist of a few dozen bear-men, but a veritable army of Sturmbeornen has recently arrived in the Estherian Steppes - far outside their usual range. Led by the fearsome warlord, General Grell, the Sturmbeornen push ever nearer the Enclave, the last city of the Estherians, and not even the might of the Vanquisher Corps can stop them.

—"Creature Races of Torchlight II," Runic Games


Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing Sturmbeornen:


Types of Sturmbeornen include normal melee fighters, spear-throwers, and magic users of some sort. Undead Sturmbeornen also appear in concept art.

Deathflinger Edit

Sturmbeorn Spearman. Throw Javelin.

Warmaker Edit

Sturmbeorn Sentinel.

Shieldbearer Edit

Sturmbeorn Elite Sentinel.

Blackclaw Edit

Sturmbeorn Swordman.

Runecaller Edit

Sturmbeorn Black Magician.

Felwalker Edit

Undead Sturmbeorn.

Felwalker Axethrower Edit

Undead Sturmbeorn. Throw Axe.

Possessed One Edit

Possessed By Shade.

Named Edit

General Grell Edit

Leader of Sturmbeorn.

Stennbrun Edit

Sturmbeorn Smith.

Gunnbren Edit

Sturmbeorn Smith.


The Sturmbeornen were conceived as "a mildly viking-ish ursine race." "Sturm" means "storm," and "beorn" is an Old English name derived from "bjørn," Norwegian for "bear." (This shares the same origin as the character Beorn in J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Hobbit.)[2]



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