The Strange Land Map is an item in Torchlight that creates a portal when rightclicked or used to the secret horse level. The horse level is not to be taken lightly, if you expect to get the amazing loot (piles of 10,000 gold at a time) it is recommended you are a level 100 hero or have a Haste 6 spell. It is a hell-raising battle experience.

How to GetEdit

Fish up either Blank's Teeth Necklace, Lefler's Right Eye, Lefferts' Hands, or Tanwanteng's Left Eye and transmute one of those items at Duran the Transmuter.


The best way to get this would be to use an Emberbright Cod.

The hell-horse map of Torchlight 2 is an homage to the hell cow map of Diablo II.

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