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Status effects are specific effects caused by abilities and/or weapons.

Elemental Status Effects[]

The four elemental status effects are tied to the elements, and are generally caused by that particular elemental damage type.


Burn is caused by fire damage and skills. It is a damage over time effect that deals fire damage and ignores armor. Burn scales with focus and any bonus fire damage you have. Higher focus also increases the chance that burn is applied.[1]

  • Burn works in conjunction with the Embermage's passive Fire Brand.


Slows enemy move, cast, and attack speed by 33%.[2]

  • Freeze works in conjunction with the Embermage's passive Ice Brand.


Reduces the target's damage and armor by 33% for the duration. [3]


When the target is shocked, they release charged bolts when they are struck.[4]

Damage over Time[]

DoTs are broken into three categories, each of which has different mechanics.[5]

DoTs from Skills[]

  • Don't stack but refresh the duration
  • Scale with focus and % damage modifiers

DoTs from Weapons and Weapon Enchantments[]

  • Stack, though only the longest duration is displayed
  • Scale with focus but not strength

DoTs from socketables[]

  • Stack similar to weapon DoTs
  • Scale with focus


Bleed causes non-elemental damage over time to the target. Bleed damage is modified by focus, despite not having an elemental type.[6]


Blindness causes a monster's aggro radius to go down. This is very useful when playing a ranged character, or trying to escape. When cast on another player, it causes them to only be able to see a circle radius around their character.[7]


Pulls the target closer to the caster.


Causes enemies to run away.


Prevents the enemy from moving or turning


Pushes the target directly away.


Stun prevents the target from moving or acting.


There are three types of slows: movement speed, attack speed, and cast speed.


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