Spectral Dragons are undead creatures that appear in Torchlight II. They are the remnants of dragons that were held captive by a cult of Estherians who fed them tainted Ember. After death, they rose up as "feral spirit-dragons."


Name Image Element Abilities
Spectral Brute Ss spectralBrute1 Icon enemyPoison
  • Dash Attack
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Spectral Dragonkin Ss spectralDragonkin1 Icon enemyElectric
  • Bone Spikes
  • Spiny Blast

Boss: Spectral DragonEdit

Boss spectralDragonPortrait

Spectral Dragon boss portrait.

There is a Spectral Dragon boss which can be found as one of the randomized bosses in the random dungeon maps from Compass the Map Seller (see Mapworks ).

Boss spectralDragon1

Spectral Dragon in-game model.


  • Acid Breath
  • Bone Cage
  • Bone Spikes
  • Smash Attacks

Known LootEdit

Icon snakebite2 Snakebite



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