Some Assembly Required is an Act III main quest given by Professor Stoker in the Imperial Camp. Professor Stoker asks you to retrieve a power source from the Scrapworks in Middenmine.

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Next Quest: The Sundered Battlefield

Offer TextEdit

I wish you had gotten here sooner! The Alchemist came through here about an hour ago. He laid waste to the camp and then went through the Great Door, there - sealed it shut behind him.

We believe that door leads to the Clockwork Core. We've been unable to open it ourselves, but we know how in theory. See that dwarven automaton? It's designed to open the door, but it's missing its Power Source. There should be one in the Scrapworks, but it was too dangerous for us to enter. Perhaps you will have more luck.


NG Level Gold XP Reward Choices
Normal 1109 5000 Leveled Loot
NG +1  ?  ? Leveled Loot
NG +2  ?  ? Leveled Loot
NG +3  ?  ? Leveled Loot

Follow-Up TextEdit

We've been trying to get through the Great Door for weeks. We determined that the door was missing its power source, and were beginning to mount an expedition to the Scrapworks to find a replacement. The Alchemist attacked before we could act.

Journal EntryEdit

Travel through the Rotted Path and the Blightbogs to the Middenmine, and seek the entrance to the Scrapworks. Search the Scrapworks for a Power Source, and bring it back to Professor Stoker in the Imperial Camp.

The Story So Far...
You have arrived at the Imperial Camp in the midst of the ruins at Grunnheim to find that the Alchemist is only an hour or so ahead of you. After destroying the camp, the Alchemist went through a nearby door, believed by Professor Stoker, the camp's chief archaeologist, to lead to the Clockwork Core.
If the Alchemist reaches the Clockwork Core with Ordrak's Heart, he can unleash the Netherim upon our world. You must find a way to open the Great Door. The Professor believes that the automaton by the door is equipped to open it, but only if you can find a replacement for its dead power source.

Interim Text - The Cave-InEdit

Trying to reach the Scrapworks? That's what we were doing - until a cave-in made it impossible to get through the entrance.


The player must enter the Abandoned Sawmill to retrieve the dynamite needed to blast open the entrance to the Middenmine so they can reach the Scrapworks.

After completing The Cave-In and venturing into the Middenmine, the player must defeat Bloatfang and retrieve the Power Source for the Automaton in the Imperial Camp. After retrieving the Power Source, a portal opens directly back to town. However, before returning to town, the player can visit Claptrap by following the path left of the boss chest.

Once the player has returned, they may speak with Professor Stoker to complete the quest and begin The Sundered Battlefield.

Completion TextEdit

Well done! This Power Source will fit perfectly into the automaton's boiler!

Hmm... That's odd. Nothing's happening. Oh, no... I was afraid of this! The Power Source is completely drained! This is going to be more difficult than I'd anticipated.

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