Slavers' Stockade is a small dungeon in Act I, accessed through a building in the Slavers' Camp area of Frosted Hills. It has fixed layout. The boss, Kidrik the Mauler holds the Passkey Ember needed for the quest The Ember Keys.

Easter EggEdit

In front of Kidrik the Mauler, there is a cell that contains A suspicious bottle of lotion. This lotion is used in a bucket at the edge of a pit, near Malo, to summon a skeleton and gold. The skeleton drops Buffadon Bill's Hide Mask, an easter egg referring to novel/film Silence of the Lambs. If you click on the bucket without having the lotion, you get a hint: PUT THE LOTION IN THE BUCKET!



Species Name El. Abilities
Human Blackfist Brigand Icon enemyPhysical Shield Blocks Damage
Blackfist Assassin Icon enemyPhysical Shadow Dash
Blackfist Marksman Icon enemyPhysical
Skeleton Skeleton Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Warrior Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Unknown Mimic* Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks
Cursed Sword* Icon enemyFire  

 * does not always appear


  • Brutus the Crusher Icon enemyPhysical Bandit Leader, Tosses Flame Flasks


Kidrik the Mauler Icon enemyPhysical Bandit Leader, Hurls Explosive Kegs - Drops Passkey Ember

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