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Skills are active and passive abilities that players unlock and improve by leveling up their character and spending skill points. Each class has different sets of skills that are organized into skill trees.

Skill Trees[]

Each class has three skill trees, which are groups of similar or complimentary skills. Each tree has 10 skills: 7 activated and 3 passive. Skills become available every 7 levels. The active skills are available at levels 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, and 42; the passive skills are available at levels 1, 7, and 14.

Skill trees allow players to further specialize their characters beyond the class division. Generally, players will focus on one tree because the skills within work well together. For example, the Berserker's Tundra skill tree contains cold-themed skills. The level 1 skill Frost Breath causes cold damage and can freeze enemies. The passive level 7 skill Shatter Storm grants a bonus when killing frozen enemies.

Each character starts with one point (or rank) in the first skill of the first skill tree. This point, as well as all other spent skill points, can be returned with a respec.

Improving Skills[]

Characters are awarded one skill point upon leveling up. Additional skill points can be gained through Fame. The first point added to a skill unlocks that skill. Subsequent points applied to the skill improve some or all aspects of it. Each skill has a maximum of 15 ranks, with higher ranks having a character level requirement. Every five ranks of a skill unlocks a Tier Bonus, which increases the effectiveness of the skill and sometimes adds new functionality to the skill.

A character may have 100 skill points from leveling, and an additional 32 from fame levels for a total of 132. That breaks down into 8 skills with 15 ranks and 12 points to distribute elsewhere or 26 groups of 5 points with 2 to spare.

Skill Respec[]

Skill respecialisation, commonly referred to as skill respec, refers to a game feature in Torchlight II that allows players to reallocate the last three skill points they have spent, thus allowing them to change the focus of a character, or try out different skills. Respec experts in the main hub towns will perform their craft for gold:

The first skill point (automatically spent upon character creation) can also be reallocated by going to Thaymor before the 4th skill point is spent.

Respec cost[]

The price for untraining a skill is initally free, and increases with the character's and the skill's level.

Full respec[]

It is possible to unspend all spent skill points. There are a few possible methods. The first method is to download a Respec Potion[1]. Alternatively, download Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec[2]. Another method that requires no downloading is to use the Console, but this will cause the player to be flagged as a "cheater" during multiplayer games. To do so,

  1. Enable the Console (if you have not done so already).
  2. Press the Insert key to open the Console.
  3. Type ITEM RespecPotion and press Enter. The potion will appear on the ground.
  4. Pick up and use the potion.

External Links[]


  1. Post on Runic's Forum [1]
  2. Post on Runic's Forum [2]
Torchlight II skills


Hunter: EviscerateHowlRazeWolfstrikeBattle RageRuptureRavage
Hunter Passives: Blood HungerExecutionerRampage
Tundra: Frost BreathStormclawStorm HatchetNorthern RageIce ShieldPermafrostGlacial Shatter
Tundra Passives: Cold Steel MasteryShatter StormRage Retaliation
Shadow: Shadow BurstWolf ShadeShadowbindSavage RushChain SnareBattle StandardWolfpack
Shadow Passives: Frenzy MasteryShred ArmorRed Wolf


Inferno: Magma SpearMagma MaceFirebombsBlazing PillarInfernal CollapseImmolation AuraFirestorm
Inferno Passives: Charge MasteryElemental AttunementFire Brand
Frost: Icy BlastHailstormFrost PhaseElemental BoonFrost WaveIce PrisonAstral Ally
Frost Passives: Staff MasteryFrozen FateIce Brand
Storm: Prismatic BoltShocking BurstThunder LocusArc BeamDeath's BountyShockboltsShocking Orb
Storm Passives: Prismatic RiftWand ChaosLightning Brand


Blitz: Flame HammerSeismic SlamEmber HammerOnslaughtEmber ReachStorm BurstEmberquake
Blitz Passives: Heavy LiftingSuperchargeCoup-de-Grace
Construction: Healing BotBlast CannonSpider MinesGun BotShock GrenadeFusiladeSledgebot
Construction Passives: BulwarkFire and SparkCharge Domination
Aegis: Shield BashForcefieldOverloadDynamo FieldTremorFire BashImmobilization Copter
Aegis Passives: Sword and BoardAegis of FateCharge Reconstitution


Warfare: Rapid FireRune VaultChaos BurstCursed DaggersVortex HexShattering GlaiveVenomous Hail
Warfare Passives: Long Range MasteryShotgonne MasteryAkimbo
Lore: Glaive ThrowTangling ShotGlaive SweepSandstormBramble WallBurning LeapFlaming Glaive
Lore Passives: Dodge MasteryPoison BurstShare the Wealth
Sigil: Blade PactBane BreathShadowshotRepulsion HexStone PactShadowmantleShadowling Brute
Sigil Passives: Master of the ElementsShadowling AmmoDeath Ritual