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Skeletons are common undead enemies that come in several varieties; some appear with armor and weapons depending on the location and level of the character; while others just attack with their bare hands and have no visible armor.


Butchers, Miners, Grand Magi, no station is too high that man or beast cannot be dragged down into the cursed soil by the clawing hands of their own folly.

Shackled by magicks stronger than the grip of Death itself, hordes of Skeletons rise from their graves to wander the Earth as if in aimless purgatory. They feel no pain and show no emotion other than a mirthless grin, if in life they were not beheaded. They know no purpose until aroused by the soft thudding of a living heart, rushing to meet it with dark magic or cold rusty steel.

—"Runic Games Forums"

In Torchlight I[]

Skeletons appear most anywhere in Torchlight, specially spawning from broken pots and barrels.

  • Skeleton - a basic skeleton that moves quickly and appears in large numbers. They also have a tendency to emerge from broken barrels.
  • (ǂ)Skeletal Warrior - a stronger skeleton with sword and shield that first appears in the Necropolis. They have a 25% chance to block attacks.
  • Skeletal Archer - ranged attacker
  • (ξ)Enslaved - Found in the Black Palace, these green skeletons use elemental attacks. They are summoned by Dark Zealots and by Ordrak.

Using the spells Summon Skeleton, Summon Archers, and Summon Blood Skeleton the player can call upon a variety of skeletons.

  • The skeletal warrior created by the spell Summon Skeleton varies depending on the rank of the spell used. For example, a rank VI skeleton carries a frost-enchanted blade.
  • Summoned skeletal archers appear in groups of three in an arc and are immobile.
  • (†)The blood skeleton steals health from monsters and funnels it to the caster.

In Torchlight II[]

Common Types[]

Skeleton: Just your normal skeleton, usually coming from breakable stuff underground. They turn into Skeletal Torsos when killed by a normal hit.

Name Image Element Abilities Location Remarks
Skeletal Shambler Skeletal Shambler.png Physical
  • Hard to Kill
Path of the Honored Dead, Corrupted Crypt Stronger than a normal Skeleton, may spawn a Skeletal Torso upon death if not killed with a Critical Hit.
Skeletal Torso Skeletal Torso1.png Physical
  • Fast
- What you get if you kill a Skeletal Shambler or normal Skeleton without a critical hit.
Infernal One Infernal One 01.png Fire
  • Burning Undead
  • Very Fast
  • Fire Damage
Echo Pass*, Bone Gallery
Flayed One Flayed one01.png Physical
  • Very Fast
Rotting Crypt, Arena of Slaughter The true form of a Sanguine Zombie, after it has cast off its flesh
Skeletal Warrior Skeletal Warrior.png Physical
  • Shield Blocks Damage
Path of the Honored Dead, Corrupted Crypt
Skeletal Slayer Skeletal Slayer 02.png Physical
  • Shield Blocks Damage
Path of the Honored Dead, Corrupted Crypt, Bone Gallery
Dessicated Warrior Dessicated Warrior poison.png Poison
  • Shield Blocks Damage
  • Poison
Tower of the Moon, Stygian Aerie, Luminous Arena May spawn after breaking urns
Crumbling Footsoldier Crumbling footsoldier 00.png Physical
  • Shield Blocks Damage
Rotting Crypt, Arena of Slaughter
Ancient Skeletal Shield Warrior Ancient Skeletal Shield Warrior1.png Physical
  • Shield Blocks Damage
Can be summoned by the Wraith Lord in the second level of the Rotting Crypt
Skeletal General Skeletal General.png Poison Corrupted Crypt, Bone Gallery, Rotting Crypt Each attack can knockback enemies.
Skeletal Archer Skeletal Archer.png Physical Path of the Honored Dead, Corrupted Crypt, Bone Gallery
Crumbling Archer Crumbling Archer 01.png Physical Rotting Crypt, Arena of Slaughter
Dessicated Bowman Desiccated Bowman1.png Poison
  • Poison Arrow Hail
Ossean Wastes, Stygian Aerie, Luminous Arena
Voltaic Archer Voltaic Archer.png Lightning
  • Eletrical Arrows Emit Charged Bolts
Rotting Crypt, Arena of Slaughter Similar to Desiccated Bowman, but has electric arrows instead.
Skeletal Mage Skeletal Mage1.png Lightning
  • Casts Lightning Spells
Path of the Honored Dead, Corrupted Crypt
Skeletal Pyromancer Skeletal Pyro.png Fire
  • Casts Fire Spells
Bone Gallery
Headless Shrieker Headless Shrieker 01.png Physical
  • Hurls Phantasmal Skulls
Corrupted Crypt Detaches its head and hurls it as a missile
Corpsefire Skeleton Corpsefire Skeleton 02.png Physical
  • Hurls Seeking Phantasmal Skulls
Blightbogs, Rotting Crypt, Arena of Slaughter, Reeking Cellar Stronger version of Headless Shrieker.
Blade Stalker Blade Stalker Blade Aura.png Physical
  • Blade Aura
Rotting Crypt The 5 spinning Axes will constantly damage its enemies in quick succession.
Shield Stalker Shield Stalker 01.png Physical
  • Missile Reflection Aura
Rotting Crypt Aura deflects most missiles, although not all.
Bone Golem Bone Golem bone1.png Poison
  • Bone Cloud Summon
Tower of the Moon, Stygian Aerie
Bone Sentry Ss boneSentry1.jpg Fire
  • Energy Blade
Vyrax's Tower

Tomb Jailer: Weaker version of Bone Sentry.

Bleached Crewman: Undead sailors with swords.

Skeletal Marksman: Undead sailors with pistols this time.


Name Image Location Remarks
Skeletal Champion Champ Skele 01.png Corrupted Crypt, Bone Gallery Each attack can knockback its target.

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