The Shadowy Crevasse is a dungeon in Act II of Torchlight II, located in Ossean Wastes. It is a two-floor entirely optional dungeon with no quest connections, but a number of champions.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Species Name El. Abilities
Spider Mesa Dasher Poison Fast Leap Attack
Desert Blackfang Poison Spits Immobilizing Webs, Spits Venom
Animal Roostling Physical Dive Attack
Skara* Physical Dive Attack
Dune Burrower Physical Lurks Belowground
Dune Mother Physical Births Dune Burrowers
Basilisk* Lightning Petrifying Gaze
Armadax* Physical Blocks Attacks until Plates are Destroyed

 * does not always appear

Champions[edit | edit source]

  • (Basilisk) Champion Beast Lightning Petrifying Gaze (Haunted)
  • (Basilisk) Champion Beast Lightning Petrifying Gaze (Haunted)
  • (Unknown Spider) Ice Spits Immobilizing Webs, Acid Spray
  • (Dune Mother) Champion Beast Physical Births Dune Burrowers (Haunted)
  • Physical Explodes on Death, Reflective Shield
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