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This article is about consumable scrolls. For spell scrolls, see Spells (T1).

In Torchlight there are two basic types of scrolls, both of which can be purchased at the general goods store and are found in quantity in the dungeon.

Identify scroll[]

Identify scrolls reveal the enchantments of pieces of equipment of magical or better quality. Identifying items increases their sale price to vendors. The rare spell Identify has the same effect as this scroll.

Town Portal scroll[]

Town Portal scrolls open a blue portal near the player that connects to town. The portal remains open for one trip to town and back to the dungeon before disappearing. The rare spell Town Portal has the same effect as this scroll.

Map Portal[]

Map Portals are scrolls that open a portal to another area when used. Mysterious Maps are given as quest rewards by Vasman and bought from Triya's shop, and each map leads to small, puzzle-like dungeon. An infamous secret map scroll is the Strange Scroll.

An exploit of Map Portals is this: Cast the Map Portal inside the dungeon. When cast from the town, the state of the cleared level is saved if one decends to the next level. When cast from inside the dungeon, one can pass back and forth between the two Levels with all enemies and specials/secrets respawning. The advantage over delving deeper in the regular quest dungeon to score money, fame and experience is having Brink around if you do it early enough and saving the money to buy new Map Portal scrolls. Also, there are usually more Champions in Map Portal levels.

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