Rotting Crypt is an undead-infested dungeon located in the Blightbogs in Act III.

Standing at the entrance is Jessa, who will give you the quest The Wraithring, which is the prelude for the player to enter the Rotting Crypt.

Rotting Crypt contains two levels - a large first level where the player will explore and search for 2 quest items called Sanguine Gems. Obtaining both gems will open the entrance to a smaller second level, where the boss monster Wraith Lord awaits.


Estherian Spectre - He will give you the quest The Locket.


Species Name El. Abilities
Skeleton Crumbling Footsoldier Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Crumbling Archer Icon enemyPhysical Undead
Corpsefire Skeleton Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Hurls Seeking Phantasmal Skulls
Voltaic Archer Icon enemyElectric Undead, Electric Arrows Emits Charged Bolts
Blade Stalker Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Blade Aura
Shield Stalker Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Missile Reflection Aura
Skeletal General Icon enemyPoison Undead
Decrepit Chanter Icon enemyFire Phantasmal Beams, Skull Missiles
Zombie Armored Bloatwalker Icon enemyFire Smash Attacks, Stomp Knockback
Blightslug Lasher Icon enemyPoison Tongue Snare
Sanguine Zombie Icon enemyPoison Undead, Speed Increases when Flesh is Shed
Flayed One Icon enemyPhysical Very Fast
Gel Noxious Gel Icon enemyPoison Hurls Slime Balls
Bat Swampwing Icon enemyPhysical Paralyzing Screech
Ghost Bleak Spirit Icon enemyPoison Slows Foes, Lifesteal
Spider Spiderling Icon enemyPoison  
Bleached Recluse Icon enemyPoison Spits Immobilizing Webs
Unknown Cursed Sword Icon enemyPoison  
Mimic Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks


Name El. Abilities
Wraith Lord Icon enemyElectric Spectral Weapon, Powerful Spells, Teleportation, Raises Ancient Skeletons

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