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Robot Parts is an optional quest in Torchlight II, which spans through three Acts. It begins when the player collects the first hidden piece of a disassembled robot.

Quest Message[]

You found a strange piece of metal that appears to be some part of a robot. It has '4000' carved into it. You wonder just how many more pieces there could be.


The robot parts are found throughout all acts of the game, usually on the last level of a secondary dungeon that has a cave-like appearance. There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled before the path to the location of the robot part is opened - like lighting all the braziers, exterminating all the roach eggs, etc. It must be noted that the entrance to the secret secured area within each dungeon area can appear at numerous sites, depending on level design.


RoboticDrums.png Robotic Drum: Widow's Veil (Act I)[]

  • Location: Widow's Veil is found inside Crows' Pass (from Frost Hills or Enclave).
  • Requirement: Light all the Braziers.
  • The secret room is usually right behind the sitting Finnas, next to the red Portal to the Surface at the end of the instance, but can also be somewhere in the middle of the path through the dungeon.

RoboticArm.png Robotic Arm: Tower of the Moon (Act II)[]

  • Location: Tower of the Moon is found inside Ossean Wastes.
  • Requirement: Hit 4 wall-mounted brass gongs with a melee weapon or shoot them using any ranged weapons.

RoboticPipes.png Robotic Pipes: Brood Hive (Act II)[]

  • Location: Brood Hive is found inside the Swarm Point in the Salt Barrens.
  • Event : Press some Switch Box's handle, Swarm Point's gate will be open.
  • Requirement: Destroy all roach Eggs.

RoboticBody.png Robotic Body: Abandoned Sawmill (Act III)[]

  • Location: Abandoned Sawmill is found inside The Blightbogs.
  • Requirement: Unpin all skeletons pinned to walls and trees.
    • Skeleton 1 is at the end of the bridge near Day One journal.
    • Skeleton 2 is on the path to the docks and to Day Three journal.
    • Skeleton 3 is in the second house to the left as you enter the middle of the town.
    • Skeleton 4 is on the path out of town to Day Five journal.
  • Once you find and click them, check the gate near the Day Four journal, and you should come across the Robotic Body.

RobotHead.png Robotic Head: Cacklespit's Realm (Act III)[]

  • Location: Cacklespit's Realm is found inside Sundered Battlefield.
  • How to enter Cacklespit's Realm:
    • Hang a Bell (quest item) found in the Blightbogs to summon Cacklespit and complete her Cacklespit's Brew quest (optional quest). The bell can be found in the Rot Gardens - it's near a post in the ruins. The place to hang the bell and summon Cacklespit can be found South East of the bell's location (Where to hang the Bell is most likely random, SE, NE of the Bell's location are most common).
    • After completing Cacklespit's Brew quest, you must return to the Imperial Camp to get new quest Fade's Passage from Widget (middle raccoon near exit) to talk with Fade in Sundered Battlefield. You will get access to them after "Some Assembly Required" quest. His quest Cacklespit's Realm will have you collect four heads of fallen champions in that map.
    • Upon completing Fade's quest, he will allow you into Cacklespit's Realm.
  • Requirement : Destroy all (6) tree trunks in Cacklespit's Realm. After doing so, an area that was formerly a dead end, located in the lower right island - when approached - will open up a secret path to where the head is. (May have more than one location. For me it was the upper left island, near the Fade and portal to Cackelspit boss fight, the path was in the upper right part of the island.)


After all 5 parts are gathered, and Power Source is brought from the War Forge to open passage to The Broken Mines (in main questline), Professor Stoker (found in the Imperial Camp) will assemble Trill-Bot 4000 from the parts.

Trill-Bot 4000 will give you a quest Lair of the Sisters. Entrance is in Sundered Battlefield.

Completion Text[]

What do we have here? Wow, this is a 4000 model! Those are quite old - this one appears to have had a lot of work done to it. Not sure why it's in pieces - why don't we find out! Let me just put these together for you and we'll see what it has to say for itself.


At level 51: Gold: 5,264 XP: 590,000 Fame: 8,850 Item: No

These amounts drastically diminish as you level past 52.

End Rewards (after completing Lair of the Sisters)[]

Gold: 5,264 XP: 590,000 Fame: 8,850 Item: Choice of 3 Unique Class-specific Items

Trill-Bot 4000.jpg

Trill will offer you one of three class-specific uniques as a reward, in addition to ~ three levels worth of EXP (570,000 EXP) (a level 51 Outlander advanced to level 53 with 5-10% short of level 54; checked on the latest patch as of March 30 2014) (590,000 EXP took an Outlander from mid-level 50 to mid-level 53 as of November 2016).

If the quest is completed in NG+, it will offer only 2 levels of experience. Mid-level 81 to mid-level 83 checked as of July 29 2013. Early 82 to late 83 as of October 04 2015.

In NG++, the quest rewards roughly 1.5 levels of experience. Halfway into 98 to almost 100 (1,070,000 EXP). As of may 22nd 2017.