Reeking Cellar is a dungeon that will occasionally be found in the Blightbogs.

The dungeon is dimly-lit, and small in size as befits a cellar. This dungeon contains only a single level.

Two champion werewolves await the player at the end of the dungeon, where one of them may drop the Vargulf Claw.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Species Name El. Abilities
Werewolf Werewolf Physical Leap Attack, Leaps Back, Knockback Slash
Corpsefire Direwolf Physical Transforms Into Corpsefire Werewolf
Corpsefire Werewolf Fire Rock Throw, Leap Attack, Leaps Back, Slash Furry
Ghost Corpsefire Huntsman Fire Corpsefire Arrows, Knockback Immune, Cannot be Interrupted
Headless Axeman Physical Hurls Woodaxes, Cannot be Interrupted
Bat Swampwing Physical Paralyzing Screech
Troll Swamp Troll Physical Boulder Smash, Axe Pull, Leap Attack, Cannot be Interrupted

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