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The Railmaster is a playable class in Torchlight 3.



Add Track[]

Extend your rails so the train can follow you. The Railmaster will continue to lay track behind themselves until this skill is cancelled. A Gun Turret train car deploys with Add Track and moves as far as it can towards the end of the track, attacking enemies along the way.

Mortar Car[]

While this skill is equipped the train gains a Mortar Car that lobs explosive payloads at enemies. Activate the skill to launch an incendiary round that deals fire damage over time to a target area.

Shield Car[]

While this skill is equipped the train gains a Shield Car that grants damage reduction to allies within range of the effect. Activate the skill to create a larger, much tougher shield area for a short time.

Ghost Train[]

Call forth the spirit of an ancient train. The Ghost Train hurtles forwards dealing high damage and knocking back foes.


Slam your Railhammer to the ground dealing weapon damage in an area with a chance to stun foes.


The earliest historical tomes in Alberen recount the inevitable greed of man’s plumbing of the depths of the long-abandoned dwarven ruins. The incredible ancient technology looted there brought humans great dominion over the land, in particular, the dwarven railways. Mastery of these technologies gave rise to the first human empire, the Rail Kingdoms. The most clever, technically-minded of these folk became the Railmasters.

Though the reign of the Rail Kingdom was both long and prosperous, it—like the dwarven kingdoms of old—came to an end. The overthrow of the Rail Kingdom’s leaders heralded the beginning of what we now call the Ember Empire. The Rail Kingdoms are no more, but the Railmasters live on.

Following in the tracks of their ancestors, each Railmaster passes on their hammer and knowledge to their apprentice. These rough and tumble tinkerers are quite literally the engine that brings civilization cascading in behind wherever they dare to push into the Frontier.[1]



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