Plunder Cove is a single-floor dungeon in Act I, located in Temple Steppes, always near the river. A portal to it is opened by the Tormented Spirit Olwin, who is summoned by using the Fishermans Lantern. Down the pass you reach a ship at the bottom with the undead boss One-Eyed Willy. Beating him opens a portal back to Olwin, to receive your reward.

Very often, the corpse Chester Copperpot yields a rare gem, One-Eyed Willy's Other Eye.


Species Name El. Abilities
Skeleton Lost Crewman Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast Attack
Skeletal Marksman Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Pistolier
Skeleton* Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal General* Icon enemyPoison Undead
Ghost Bleak Spirit Icon enemyPoison Slows Foes, Lifesteal
Animal Stormclaw Icon enemyElectric Crab, Shock When Struck

 * does not always appear


  • Champion Undead Icon enemyPoison
  • Champion Undead Icon enemyPoison
  • Champion Undead Icon enemyPhysical (Noxious)
  • Champion Undead Icon enemyPhysical (Freezing)


One-Eyed Willy Icon enemyPoison Elite Undead, Summons Crewmen, Converts Dead to Hungry Souls

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