Phase Beasts are four-legged creatures resembling a ghostly version of a goblin hound. They appear randomly and very rarely in the dungeons in Torchlight. Although they often flee and can be difficult to catch, when killed they will spawn a Phase Portal, leading to one of several Phase Dungeons, small side dungeons packed with loot, traps and monsters.

In Torchlight 2, they play largely the same role, but instead, each destination now contains some sort of challenge. If the player gets killed while inside and chooses to spawn in the town, he may not return to the portal.

Console[edit | edit source]

According to the console, there are different Phasebeasts for each possible location that you can be teleported to. e.g. You type in 'Phasebeastruin' into the console, a Phase Beast appears, but when you kill it the portal would take you to a Orden Mines-tileset location, e.g. Secret mines.

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T3: Dusk MageForgeRailmasterSharpshooter

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