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Phase Beasts are spectral creatures that are fleeing upon discovery. When killed, they will spawn a Phase Portal leading to one of a variety of bonus dungeons.

In Torchlight[]

Phase Beasts resemble a ghostly version of a goblin hound. They appear inside of dungeons, randomly and very rarely. After being slain, a Phase Portal pops up and leads to one of several Phase Dungeons, small side dungeons packed with loot, traps and monsters.


According to the console, there are different Phase Beasts for each possible location that you can be teleported to, e.g. you type in 'Phasebeastruin' into the console, a Phase Beast appears, but when you kill it, the portal would take you to a Orden Mines-tileset location, e.g. Secret mines.

In Torchlight II[]

Phase Beasts appear as spectral Jackalbeasts and are only encountered outside of dungeons: there is one found in every overworld area.

Phase Beast Challenges[]

When a Phase Beast is killed, a Phase Portal opens and leads to a Phase Beast Challenge, a dungeon that offers a unique challenge, where upon successful completion a reward awaits. Which challenge the player will face is randomly determined out of a pool of a few challenges specific to an area.

The names for Phase Beast Challenges are derived from challenge instructions in-game (where given). There are 15 known challenges (incl. Netherrealm Gauntlet)[1].

Phase Beast Challenge Description Area
Poison the spider nests. Poison Spider Nests that generate hordes of Nest Spiders. Temple Steppes
Navigate the Maze
Vanquish your foes with haste (Note: no experience gained.)
Ignite Braziers in Order Netherim don't enjoy the player lighting braziers. Frosted Hills
Protect the Crystals From the Goblin Hordes! Defeat goblins to save large crystals from destruction.
Choose a Door Open one of three doors and possibly be rewarded. Ossean Wastes
Jackalbeast Gauntlet A winding canyon unleashes packs of Jackalbeasts.
Netherrealm Gauntlet Deadly discs hinder the player's progress. Salt Barrens
Pirate Gauntlet Fight through a ship graveyard full of undead pirates.
Survive in the Arena Face waves of Jackalbeasts and Tu'tara enemies.
X Marks the Spot Obtain shovels for several chances to dig up buried treasure.
Defeat the Witches Kill two witches on an island in a swamp while dodging flames. Blightbogs
Defeat the Troll Kill a troll on an island in a swamp while dodging flames.
Avoid the Lava Metal platforms, rising lava, and lots of chests. Sundered Battlefield
Varkolyn Gauntlet Bring combat to a Varkolyn settlement/mine.

Notes and Strategy[]

  • If you have entered a challenge different than the one you are looking for, you can reset the overworld area by either a) visiting two other overworld areas or b) opening a LAN game and opting to Reroll World. Retry in this manner until eventually finding the desired challenge[2].
  • To keep on repeating a Phase Beast Challenge: never exit through the portal provided, instead always hit the Escape key and choose Quit, then Resume, which lets one attempt the challenge again. If you should die, select Quit to Main Menu, from there resume your game.
  • Phase Beast Challenges are generally promising locations to farm for gold, certain gems, and items. In NG+, Protect the Crystals From the Goblin Hordes! (Skull of Limoany) and Avoid the Lava (Skull of Riechliu and Rambren Skull) are preferable spots to try to obtain mentioned (endgame-relevant) socketable skulls.


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