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Pets are the player's constant companion, and are a key feature in Torchlight II. Pets fight alongside the player character, and are able to carry items and take them back to town to sell.

Base pet types[]

There are at least ten base pet types in Torchlight II, of which eight were available upon the game's release.[1] Two more were added with a patch in December 2012. Some pets also have different skins that can be chosen at character creation.

The difference between these base pet types are only cosmetic. However, when pets are transformed by eating fish, they take on the stats and abilities of the creature they transformed into.

When starting a new game, players can choose from a variety of pet types:

Type Image Notes
Wolf Dog A redesigned version of the dog from the original Torchlight
Cat Cat A redesigned version of the cat from the original Torchlight
Bulldog Bulldog A new dog introduced in Torchlight II
Panther Panther A new, larger cat introduced in Torchlight II
Papillon Chakawary This pet is modeled after Runic Games' office dog, Falcor.[2] Introduced in Torchlight II
Ferret Ferret Returning pet from Torchlight (boxed version)
Chakawary Chakawary A redesigned version of the chakawary from Torchlight (XBLA version)
Hawk Hawk The first flying pet; introduced in Torchlight II
Owl Owl The second flying pet; introduced in Patch
Badger Badger A new ground pet introduced in Patch
Torchlight 2 panda.jpg
A new ground pet introduced in Torchlight II
A new ground pet introduced in Torchlight II
A new ground pet introduced in Torchlight II


Main article: Fish (T2)

Feeding fish to your pet can temporarily (or semi-permanently) transform it into a different creature, with different stats and abilities. One should note that abilities granted to one's pet are timed and that the countdown time is active even during quest giver text events.

Buying and selling items[]

In Torchlight II, pets not only carry items back to town to sell, they can also buy certain items from stores. The player can give their pet gold and specify a shopping list of health potions, mana potions, and town portal and identify scrolls.

Behavioral modes[]

You can select from three modes for pet behavior by clicking the three icons under its status bar:

  • Aggressive means the pet will seek out and attack any nearby enemies.
  • Defensive means the pet will only attack if the player attacks or is damaged by an enemy.
  • Passive means that the pet will never attack or cast spells.

Pet equipment[]

Pets now have their own equipment types; each pet can wear one collar and two tags. These pet items are frequently found when fishing and by killing monsters.

Pet spells[]

Pets can carry and learn spells. Pets can learn up to four spells at a time. Pets generally don't cast spells as frequently as players can, as cooldowns are doubled for pets.

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