Pets are the player's constant companion, and one of the key features of Torchlight. Pets fight alongside the player character, and are able to carry items and take them back to town to sell.

In Torchlight I you have your choice of two pets (dog and cat) or up to four pets in the retail version:

Dog Cat Ferret Chakawary
Dog Cat Ferret Chakawary

The difference between the four basic pets is purely cosmetic. The ferret was introduced as exclusive content for the retail boxed version of the game, although it can easily activated in other versions of the game via a mod. The chakawary pet is exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade version.

Imaginary pet[edit | edit source]

An "imaginary pet" was originally developed by Runic Games, but not implemented in the final game.[1] It was simply an invisible, inactive pet for people who wanted to play the game without any pets. The imaginary pet is inactive in combat but still carries items.

A mod which reactivates the imaginary pet can be found here.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fish (T1)

Feeding fish to your pet can temporarily (or semi-permanently) transform it into a different creature, with different stats and abilities.

Behavioral modes[edit | edit source]

You can select from three modes for pet behavior by clicking the three icons under its status bar:

  • Aggressive means the pet will seek out and attack any nearby enemies.
  • Defensive means the pet will only attack if the player attacks or is damaged by an enemy.
  • Passive means that the pet will never attack or cast spells.

Pet rings and necklaces[edit | edit source]

Your pet can wear an enchanted necklace and two magical rings for additional attack and defense benefits. Assign these trinkets by pressing the "P" key to open the Pet Sheet and then left-clicking and dragging the rings and necklace into the necklace and ring slots. As you upgrade the rings and necklaces on your hero or heroine, consider donating these items to your pet—especially if those trinkets offer high elemental resistances.

Pet spells[edit | edit source]

Your pet can also learn two spells, although you do not have control over when or where they decide to cast these spells (unless you assign your pet to a Passive Stance—and then they won’t cast at all). To teach a pet a spell, left-click the Spells tab above your inventory (press the "I" key to access your Inventory) and then left click and drag the spell into one of the two spell slots.

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