Path of the Honored Dead is pass location in Torchlight II, Act I that connects the Estherian Enclave to the Temple Steppes. The pass contains Corrupted Crypt, and becomes accessible after the player completes the initial quest by speaking to the Grand Regent.



Species Name El. Abilities
Skeleton Skeleton Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Shambler Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Hard to Kill
Skeletal Torso Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Warrior Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Skeletal Archer Icon enemyPhysical Undead
Skeletal Mage* Icon enemyElectric Undead, Casts Lightning Spells
Skeletal Slayer** Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Ossataur** Icon enemyPhysical Undead, Extra Tough
Sturmbeorn Felwalker Icon enemyPoison Undead
Felwalker Axethrower Icon enemyPoison Undead, Hurls Axes
Zombie Vile Gnasher* Icon enemyPhysical Creates Vile Gnashers From Corpses
Zombie** Icon enemyPhysical Undead
Ghost Bleak Spirit* Icon enemyPoison Slows Foes, Lifesteal
Unknown Bittersprite Icon enemyPhysical Drops Golden Key
Mimic* Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks
Cursed Sword* Icon enemyElectric  

 * does not always appear
 ** appears only very rarely, with specific map features


  • Champion Undead Icon enemyPhysical Casts Lightning Spells
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