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The Outlander is one of the four playable classes in Torchlight II. Outlanders are agile ranged weapon users who are experts in magical and martial arts.[1]


Outlanders are nomadic explorers who search the world for treasure and hidden magic. There is no formal organization of Outlanders; they are former outlaws, thieves and pirates who have taken to collecting the world's ancient lore and forgotten artifacts.[1]


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T2 Classes & Skills

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The Outlander has three skill trees: Warfare focuses on ranged weapon-based skills and some glaive use, Lore involves attack spells using the glaive (which is not an equipped weapon), and Sigil includes debuff and summoning spells.

Build ConsiderationsEdit

Outlanders start with 10 strength, 15 dexterity, 10 focus and 5 vitality. While Berserkers focus on doing high damage up close, Outlanders focus on doing high damage at range. Rapid Fire is an excellent skill to use with any sort of ranged weaponry and is especially useful for shotgonne and bow builds. Long Range Mastery and Master of the Elements both work with wands, and so a high focus build works well with them. Blade Pact is useful for bow and crossbow builds in order to take full advantage of these weapons extreme range. Glaive Throw was once a fantastic source of damage, but has now been nerfed down to simply a good choice. Its high mana costs also make it difficult to use as a primary attack. Finally, Shadowling Ammo and Death Ritual are very useful to most builds because they provide melee minions to tie up monsters giving you more time to shoot at them.

While regular ranged classes often bias towards dexterity, outlander uses a mixture of dexterity and strength. A high strength value will simply deliver more damage per ammo, while high dexterity values will enable critical hits and much needed dodging ability. Since outlanders have low hit points and very basic defense skills, they rely much upon dodging the attacks. A combination of a high dexterity and expertise in Dodge skill will improve an outlander's life span dramatically.



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