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The Ossean Wastes are a large overworld area in the deserts of the Mana Wastes. They are connected directly to Zeryphesh, with no connecting pass between them.

Landmarks and points of interest[]


Main quest:

Side quests:





Species Name El. Abilities
Ratlin Ratlin Skirmisher Physical Flees When Allies Perish
Ratlin Warrior Physical Shield Blocks Damage
Ratlin Bowman Physical Fires Fire Arrow Spread
Ratlin Marauder Physical Flees When Allies Perish
Animal Jackalbeast Physical Leap Attack
Armadax Physical Blocks Attacks until Plates are Destroyed
Dune Burrower Physical Lurks Belowground
Dune Mother Physical Births Dune Burrowers
Basilisk Lightning Petrifying Gaze
Skara Physical Dive Attack
Sandrat Physical Retreating Leap, Flees when Sandrats Perish
Sandrat Nest Physical Spawns Sandrats
Phase Beast Lightning Opens Phase Portal When Killed
Ezrohir Ezrohir Nomad Physical Very Fast
Ezrohir Shieldbearer Physical Shield Dash, Shield Blocks Damage
Ezrohir Assassin Physical Backflip Dagger Attack
Ezrohir Snatcher Physical Ranged Claw Grab
Ezrohir Marksman Physical Long-Range Shots, Tosses Shrapnel Crawlers
Automata Shrapnel Scarab Physical Explodes on Approach
Undead Desiccated Warrior Poison Undead, Shield Blocks Damage, Poison
Desiccated Bowman Poison Undead, Poison Arrow Hail
Bone Golem Poison Bone Cloud Summon
Unknown Bittersprite Physical Drops Golden Key
Mimic Fire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks


  • (Ezrohir Snatcher) Physical Ranged Claw Grab (Noxious)
  • (Ezrohir Snatcher) Physical Ranged Claw Grab
  • (Basilisk) Lightning Champion Beast, Petrifying Gaze - drops Mysterious Gem to use with Mysterious Socket
  • Rugesh the Shadow Physical Champion Ratlin (Swift)
  • Caius the Fleet Physical Champion Ratlin (Teleporting) - drops Iridian Focus for Embercraft Repair
  • (Bone Golem) Poison Bone Cloud Summon (Dividing)
  • (Dune Mother) Physical Champion Beast, Births Dune Burrowers (Freezing)
Torchlight II locations

Act I: Estherian Steppes
Town: Estherian Enclave

Temple SteppesFrosted Hills
Passes: Echo PassPath of the Honored DeadCrows' Pass
Dungeons: Corrupted CryptBone GalleryPlunder CoveWellspring TempleWidow's VeilIcedeep CavernsWhispering CaveEmberscratch MinesSlavers' StockadeWatchweald Temple
NG+: Lost Okwari CavesIce LabsNorsk Leiren
Phase Beast Challenges: Poison the spider nests.Ignite Braziers in OrderProtect the Crystals From the Goblin Hordes!

Act II: Mana Wastes
Town: Zeryphesh

Ossean WastesSalt Barrens
Passes: Empty Quarter
Dungeons: Tarroch's RiftTower of the MoonShadowy CrevasseStygian AerieForsaken VaultsUndercurrentsSwarm PointBrood HiveKorari CaveLuminous ArenaHaunted QuarterWitherwaysAncient Vaults of ChaosVault of SoulsNetherrealm Portal
NG+: Tarroch's Tomb
Phase Beast Challenges: Choose a DoorJackalbeast GauntletNetherrealm GauntletPirate GauntletSurvive in the Arena

Act III: Grunnheim
Town: Imperial Camp

BlightbogsSundered Battlefield
Passes: Rotted PathRivenskull Gorge
Dungeons: Fungal CavesAbandoned SawmillRotting CryptMiddenmineArena of SlaughterReeking CellarEmberworksVyrax's TowerForgotten HallsLair of the SistersNotch's MineThe Lost Hold
Phase Beast Challenges: Defeat the WitchesAvoid the LavaVarkolyn Gauntlet

Act IV
Town: Minehead

Dungeon: Broken Mines